Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letting Go

Friendship is a very important factor in life. Having friendships can make it possible to make it through some really tough times, it can make things be less monotonous, and it can allow you to help out others. There are a lot of positive benefits to friendship, but of course lately I have not been focusing on the positive attributes but the negative ones.

Friends can tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. They can cause you to do something that you wouldn't have done on your own. They can alter the decisions that you make, and sometimes take your focus away from what is best for you.

In the past I have always put others before me, and I still tend to do that more than not. Its not that I don't think that I am important, I just think that I should put other people before myself. I live by the golden rule "Do onto others as you would have done onto you." Something that I have come to realize is that not many people adhere to the golden rule. They always look out for themselves, and will not go out of their way to help another person.

Due to this realization I have started to put myself first a little more. If you don't look out for yourself in today's world, no one will.

Aside from that another thing that I noticed is that a lot of people are determined to hold on to friendships, even when they aren't what they wanted. Have you ever held on to a relationship that you should have let die? Some people I know continue to call people who treat them badly their best friends. I personally I have a very hard time understanding it. I don't understand the reasons why someone would continually go out of their way to help a person who would never care enough to help them without being asked.

This is the beginning of a story that was started years ago, recently I have looked back at it and begun to revise it. In my opinion my original was very rushed and over dramatic, but I think that with a little work and rewriting it could be very good. This portion is a small bit of what I have worked through so far.

Katrina walked along the side walk beside her boyfriend, Frank. They just walked along in silence. Frank knew that there was something Kat was keeping from him, but he did not know how to bring it up. Kat had seemed weird all day, she had not eaten much at lunch, and she didn’t talk very much. Frank knew whatever was bothering her had nothing to do with him. He had not done anything to upset her recently. They had not hung out last night either; Kat had gone to hang with their friends. Frank had to watch his little sister and had to stay home instead of going.

There were several things that could be upsetting Kat; her life was not the kind that was all sunshine and flowers. However Kat rarely complained about the things that went on in her life. She also tried to always be cheerful. So her gloominess today was very out of character. Kat’s home life was not the greatest. Her mother was always away on “business” trips. Her father tried his best to raise her, and he did a pretty good job. Sometimes a girl really needs her mom.

Katrina was 15 years old. She was close to turning 16, and was pretty excited to get her license. Until she got her license she would walk wherever she needed to go, or she would hitch a ride with Frank. Kat hated bumming rides off of her friends, but sometimes walking was not ideal. She never took her friends for granted on the driving issue. She only accepted rides when she needed them.

Frank was Kat’s on and off again boyfriend of two years. They had known each other since they were toddlers, and had spent most of their childhood together. As they got older, their relationship continued to get closer. Frank adored many things about Kat. He liked her deep brown hair that went down to the middle of her back, and loved the scent of her shampoo. He thought her gray eyes were the most gorgeous eyes anyone could ever have. Frank would tell Kat that she was perfect, if she would let him.

At this moment Frank was torn. He was unsure of what he should do. Should he ask Kat what had happened to upset her? Should he comfort her and say everything would be okay? Or should he leave the comforting and chatting up to Vivica, who was running very late? Frank decided to buy Kat a drink while they waited, and to let Viv handle Kat’s mood. Viv always knew the right thing to do when it came to Kat.

Vivica, Viv for short, is Kat’s best friend, but sometimes Viv wondered how Kat felt about her. Viv had just turned sixteen and still did not have her license. Viv had deep red shoulder length hair that had a tinge of violet to it. Most people never knew what Viv was thinking, because she never let anyone get close to her. Viv is very shy, and usually keeps to herself. She has hazel eyes, which if someone knew her well enough, would give away her mood. Viv hid the things that she could. The only one who knew her well was Kat, and that was only because Kat had a way of squeezing things out of Viv.

At this moment Viv is rushing to meet Kat, and Frank. They had planned to meet at the diner right after school. Viv had some complications, and had to change clothes before leaving the school. Now she was running behind. Her friend Bra was walking right beside her. She was giving him a death glare.

Bra’s real name is Braemwiella. It was way too lengthy so Kat and Viv cut it down to Bra, due to his habit of snapping their bra straps. When he would snap Kat’s she would get angry and chase him around and punch him. Viv however, would blush and run to a bathroom before anyone could see her red cheeks. Bra is a small guy; he has black hair, and is very shy. When he is around his friends he is very hyper, and acts very crazy. Bra is very similar to Viv, because he will not show his real feelings. His mom could die, and he would act like nothing ever happened, when he was really upset by it. Viv is the only one who notices this about Bra. She notices it because she knows the signs well, since she does the same thing.


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