Friday, April 22, 2011

Far-off Dreams, Scattered Memories

Far-off memories,
scattered across my dreams.
Dark images,
obstructing my vision.

Your clairvoyant words,
attempting to predict my thoughts.
Yet my hard head,
blocks all attempts.

My dreams,
interwined with reality.
Voices all around me,
asking if it's real or not.

Simple and Clean,
I attempt to keep my life.
But the flames of the Heartless,
burns my sanctuary to the ground.

Yet even after the flames,
white ash covers the destruction.
White ash much like sweet snow,
to bring calm after the storm.

I awake to find,
that it was all an illusion.
Yet a look to the left,
shows it to be veracity.

A far-off memory,
that's more of a scattered dream.
Help me line up the pieces,
and tell me of reality.


As you can tell by my new greeting, today marks a new day in life. As I approach my high school graduation, I have began to question my life and the things surrounding it's everyday operation. So I for the longest time have been soul-searching, hoping that it would yeild results that would bring forth an easy and relaxing life, only to bring fire to burn down my dream and leave me right where I started. Yet I found that maybe not knowing who I am just yet isn't so bad after all, or the missing puzzle piece is already be in front of me.

And that is where the point of this piece comes into play! With the site getting totally revamped, I thought I would also add a new weekly event that I hope sticks. Like how we tried to follow themes awhile ago, I will be posting certain "challenges" to get our readers involved. These challenges will challenge our readers to write short stories, lyrics, poetry or prose that follows the guidelines of the challenge. Our blog writers will also be sticking their hands in as well sometimes!!!! XD

The first challenge will be.... The "Video Game/TV Show Cross Challenge!" The point of this challenge is to take your favorite video game or tv show and use key elements in it and incorporate it into your writing. For example, with my poem I incorporated Kingdom Hearts 2 into my poem, using the main enemy Heartless to represent the the pain in my heart and the sanctuary to represent my dreams. To turn in your writing, email me at and I will post them this upcoming week. I can't wait to read your submits, so until Sunday later!


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