Friday, April 12, 2013

A Dream

Hey guys it's Sabrina Black this weeks piece is about finding that calm safe place where you can escape from the fractures of life. It's created by your mind it's what ever you want it to be. But how could you love such a place and be so alone.

“Safe Place”

Close your eyes with me and take a journey to your heart and soul. Your secrets that you keep locked up are unwelcome. We won't need those barriers of life where we're going.
Take my hand and fly with me; we are going to a Safe Place. Now think of somewhere you would yearn to get to.
Keep your eyes closed now. Picture a landscape of green meadows fresh with dew; wild flowers and daises are abundant.
Look over there at the mountains you've created; a giant waterfall flowing into a river into a lake full of fish. Look to your left a weeping willow welcomes you to hide in the curtains of its leaves, to read in or sleep as you listen to the birds’ songs ring through the sky. Hear that approaching us with great speed? It’s a herd of horses here to bring you nothing but awe.
But something is missing, a friend, a love. How could you be so alone in a dream of something you love?

Sabrina Black APLIW

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