Tuesday, May 22, 2012


photo by Zekkeyen
Hey guys it's Aulene! I am back! Sorry I left for a while :( There was a lot going on and just not enough time in the day it seemed. Well, this is a new piece of mine. I wrote it about two months ago, and I got inspiration from an old friend. I really liked him but was done with him toying around with my heart. So I wrote this and...ya! I hope you like it.

Comment please!!!! <3


I run
I jump
I scream
I fall
Down into the damp blades of grass
Shadows clawing at me
Blood spilling with each lash
You were a bad gamble
A stranger in a crowd
An unfamiliar mask
Crying out your soul
Ripping through your strings
The strings that bound you
Bound you to your maker
Your puppeteer
Cut my strings


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