Tuesday, May 29, 2012


photo by OriGunal

Hey it's Aulene!!!! I wrote this while I was just tired of everything. Adults tend to think very little of young people who have so much potential.

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You're just talking
Talking down to me
How would you like it?
To be treated like a doll.
Stepped on, thrown, and pulled.
I may be small but I have...
I have... fight
Against it.
I'm done being looked down on
I matter
My grip may not be as strong
But it's strong enough

To keep me standing.
You're just an obstacle
Put in my way to challenge me.
Make me fight
Make me stronger.
You attack me
Words piercing me
I know!
My grip on them may not me as strong,
But it's strong enough to keep me standing.


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