Thursday, November 15, 2012

Horrific mindsets

Buenas noches todo el mundo

Picture of The Pulse's first print edition.

This week is a pretty fantastic week for the the second publication I write for, The Pulse--an independent news source here at OSU. Today, we launched our first print edition, with one of my pieces highlighted on the second page. I've been writing for The Pulse for over a year now and have several other pieces posted on their website, but to actually see my work in real print always puts a smile on my face. Definitely check it out if you have the chance! 

(Note: Although many articles' topics focus on OSU events, many others are still applicable to the population at large.)

In the fiction department, a new writer, Audrey, shall be appearing at the end of the week. So, please, give her your warmest welcome.

As for me, I have a new piece to share with you all. As a writer and deep-thinker, I've come across a lot of hatred from different groups of people (by which, I've been called everything from racial slurs to a homicidal maniac). I never truly understood how some people can think some of the things that they think about me, and I feel as if it's about time that I really attempt to put my confusion into writing. 

This poem shall be the first of many which underline my uncertainty. I hope the message reaches you in a meaningful way.

Thank you, my friends, and remember to always put life into words.

"While Still Far Away"

My mind is hazy..
All thoughts are unclear…
My soul’s troubled..
But I still lack fear.

What are these "words"…
That float in my head…
They give me pain…
I want peace instead.

I’m traumatized…
Just to say the least…
They’re horrified…
They think I’m a beast.

They want to know…
The horrors of my dreams…
Oh, Ignorance…
You’ve claimed them, it seems.

Fate drives me.
     Love guides me.
         Hate keeps me down.

Think happy thoughts.


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