Saturday, March 16, 2013

So I just want

I just want it to be fall and winter all year 'round. Spring and summer don't make me sad, but they remind me of times I don't want to remember. (To an extent, winter and fall both consist of deaths in the family and summer in my life has had its moments that were grand.) But, really, in fall I feel so free and ready to prepare for the winter. Winter, oh yes, the first day is my birthday, so of course I'm going to like it, right?
It feels so surreal to watch as the snow falls quietly sitting inside a house, school, or car looking out.
I like to bundle up and head out in it. I don't even mind driving in it, it doesn't scare me.
I really just embrace it. I love reminiscing about building snowmen with my  younger brother and sledding with our friends. Even the cold days without snow are nice just because home is where your sanctuary is; the warmth brings you back with your loved ones.
Now I'm just blabbing about the seasons, But hear me out, I feel need to explain since everyone is "dying for summer break" and "sick of this cold". By the way, we're in Ohio for pete's sake, its bound to be cold in winter like its supposed to be.
But I love fall too, it is the perfect mix of cool and warm, memories of baking with mom and grandma.
Taking walks for hours, without reason or cause. And of course, the trip to Tennessee that created the best week of my life.

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