Friday, March 22, 2013

Something of a Tribute

"Memories Past" by zearyu

Earlier this week, my mind drifted to the past. A day in high school erupted among my many thoughts, and I remembered a girl I once knew. She was talented and challenged me with every chance. Without my past insecurities, it is clear that I loved her then and somewhat now, although in a way more complicated than words could plainly place so shortly.
As with many complex emotions, I decided to put it to poem. It was nice to use such a feeling as inspiration again, but I think it'd be even nicer to have her in my life.


There was once a girl who fell for me,
And clung to each word I wrote. 
Her mind was beautiful;
Her body was of more than note.
To her affected thoughts and coy glance
I had done nothing but shied
Away, believing I wasn’t good enough.
To that, presently, I wish I’d lied.
What a rarity does exist in someone
So pure, lovely, and kind.
I protest my past self entirely,
Now knowing what I’ll never find.

The past. Where's it gone?


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