Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good bye

Hey guys its Sabrina Black this weeks piece really been rough to write so to speak, Love has its ways of breaking every inch of who you are. Dont waste your time on giving someone a second chance to a person that's not worth it this person in my life has hurt me for the last time. Enjoy and check out our book! Life in fiction words from the underrated!

“Last Time”

Both of us were stuck in the sorrow that we created.
We needed each other more than anything in the world.
The love between us that once was lost was found.
I saved both of us from a certain fate by calling you mine.
Our love grew stronger with each passing moment.

The cold bitterness of your past turned you cold and heartless.
Letting go wasn't an option for you.
Brokenness arrested your iced heart, forever sealed it with a cage of sorrow.
You can never be found; hope doesn't exist.

Words of the end came out of your tongue, stabbing knives into my heart.
You poisoned my heart with your false love, which was just a way to make you feel something again.
My love for you will forever be in the far distance in a steel box that can never be opened again.

~Sabrina Black

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