Friday, March 29, 2013

A Battle of Chaos

Hey guys it's Sabrina Black this weeks piece is about a couple who is facing a difficult time in there relationship where the character Hate doubts everything about his wife Love believes about him I hope you guys like it! Make sure to check out our book Life In Fiction: Words from the Underrated!

“Battle of Love and Hate”

Love is strong, and hope leads her path.
Hate cannot see the light in anything in the world; his world is the dark

Love: I love you more than anything in the world.
Hate: What is so important about me? Nothing about me could attract love…
Love: I care more about you more than anyone else.
Hate: Why do you care? I'm a horrible person. I don’t care about anyone or anything.
Love: Your words pierce my heart, but I've been by your side all your life. How could I not care?
Hate: I don't need you anymore nothing ever felt right with you.
Love: Why do you make me spill tears and hurt me? Does this satisfy you to see me this way?
Hate: I'm broken; if I tried to end my life no one would care
Love: I do care! Get it through your thick skull! I'm yours forever!
Hate: I don’t believe in anything you say anymore, love. I’m done listening to you.
Love: You’ve been blinded by brokenness too long to realize that you have a life and love in front of you.

Wasting life away in the past can make a soul cold.
But a friend, life, helping you move forward, looking at the horizon, can save you from suicide.

One friend = One saved life

~Sabrina Black

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