Sunday, March 17, 2013

Because there's no running from life

"My Beautiful Sinking Ship" by vbagiatis

I could've fled long ago. Yes, I recognize this now. There was no hope once, and, again, I'm stomping on solid ground, just to get deeper. Futures are uncertain, but these gashes are a little less subtle. The knife could've been cleaner, but, no, the feeling couldn't have been sweeter.

I'm drowning, slowly but surely. Nonetheless, my eyes close beneath the warm water of a shower more comforting than her. These “cursed” thoughts of her...Loving her still would be easier, I know. Holding her in my arms would bring so much joy, I know. Yet, I can't give in. No, I mustn't give in.

I could've left these thoughts long ago. Still, nothing's happier than missing what I once had. Nothing's more concrete than the pain I feel now that it's no longer relevant. Alas, I'm alone on a sinking ship. The solid ground's given out. The water has dried up over my head. And, still, I stand at the captain's will whistling a final tune for my latent demise as the towns in the distant catch fire from the bridges I've burned. 

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