Monday, March 14, 2011

And the battle crept on

Hey guys, its been a long while since I posted on a monday. Writers block is a horrible thing. But I'm coming out of hiatus for one week since I actually wrote a poem!

Let me know what you think!!


The waters arise.
scorching flames are ablaze.
I slowly lift my eyes.
the enemies are not phased.

I reach for my sword, as the killer drew near.
I stared him in his eyes, and he stared into my fear.

I cried for aid, as he struck me with his blade.
Cutting me down, for no purpose but that he just enjoyed the sound.

The torture went on for what felt like days.
my heart raced and my vision became a haze.

sunlight crept through the clouds.
the enemy stood as one mighty crowd.

the ground dyed red, with the stain of blood
from believers fighting for their freedom, fighting for love.

a fury, a flash, came upon the scene.
the light it clashed with the monsters, and fiend.

the power of God struck down through time
saved a heart like yours, and like mine.

I was undeserving, a hero undefined.
thus he became a savior, he's the hero in my mind.


Like I said I'd love to hear your opinions.

much love.
Joseph W.

1 comment:

Terra said...

This was a great comeback from your Hiatus! It drew me in from the very beginning and kept my attention until the very end!

Good job!