Saturday, March 19, 2011

Apologies to you and everyone I know.

Life is a fickle thing that takes inspiration and crushes it at the most inopportune times. I loved a girl, loved an idea, and loved my life in that order, but fate has crushed all of my loves and left me with zero inspiration to see the movie in my mind that I gave to you all in the form of Ankoku no Ki.

It is a decision that I wish was not necessary, I am going to have to put the story on hiatus for as long as it takes my mind to filter out all that is wrong.

In the place of the weekly story, I will be posting simple poems. Again, I apologize to everyone and hope that there's enough patience to go around to wait for my mind to settle.



I stare at these blank walls
watchiing as poets turn to demons
and my demons turn to nightmares

I realize all the things that I could have done
to save you
and not misbehave...
to be a gentlemen
and not give up on you...

I can't believe
how fast your life did end
and how quickly from your side they sent me

There can be multiple answers
yet none thrill me as much
as you had when I held you so tenderly
kept you by my side
like the beautiful soul I knew you were

But now
I've lost myself
I've lost you
and there's nothing more that I can say

Fate drives me.

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