Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Brief Vacancy


So guys first on the agenda is our members are taking a universal break on the blog for spring break, so there will only be one post from yours truly in the next week. However, the good news is that it will have to do with Pieces, so that should give you some incentive to return this upcoming Friday. As for today though, I would like show you the new opening for Pieces! Enjoy!
     High School. Some call it the best point of your life. Others call it the toughest point. The remaining people are in-between however. What’s grand about this is none of them are wrong. Everyone point of view is technically right in their own way, because every man’s story is different. Everyone has a story, something that defines each individual: Their flaws, strengths, burdens and trails. There may be stories that are alike but never the same.

     Nevertheless, the problem is many of these stories go untold, because Hollywood either ruins them or they are deemed unworthy of telling. The kid who gets his story in the papers in class is usually that athlete who came from nothing to become an All-American, and every now and then it’s about that kid beating all the odds. Rarely though have they been about that kid who would stay up past midnight working writing poems for that girl who would never acknowledge his presence, that girl who is forced to hold an image due to the fact girls are so selective about their friends, or that “creeper” boy who is honestly too nice for his own good. No, they always end up finding someone else or end up accepted in life. Yet, how many stories are about the person with no “excitement” to his/her life? About a life where happy endings are as rare as a decent live concert? Very close to none. Why? Because they’re boring, or maybe just the wrong person is telling the story.

     You see good stories are made-up, but great stories can’t be scripted. The best writers in this world are the ones who can find these stories. They can take any person and turn their life story into a bestseller. Just like the true best chefs’ meals wouldn’t require any spice to the dish, a true great story wouldn’t require any fiction flare or extensive diction to go with it. For you see, I wish to write about those people no one seems to remember. I want to tell stories, not write them. In that sense, my characters are telling the stories, and gives life to every word I write down.

     The best part about it is those pieces win Pulitzers as well.

How'd you like it? It's just your first sample. ;) Come back Friday for another special piece. Until, remember to express your thoughts clearly and always put life into words.


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