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Hey guys it's me, Quinton at your service! I have finally returned from hiatus. XD How long has been? I last posted on Feburary 12th, so it has been over a month since I last posted. :O Nevertheless, I'm back and I have a lot of news for ya. First off, Pieces hit a major plot road-block, as I simply don't feel the story is on track anymore. So, I'm rewriting it from top to bottom. O.o It's going to be a chore, but it will make the story flow much better. However, with that said, I can actually afford to start Lacrime, which may be fully finished before Pieces is. If you would have told me that was going to happen a few months ago I would have laughed at you.

I apologize to all of you who have been looking forward to Pieces, but I must respectfully ask that you wait a while longer. I swore the finished project will be the best thing you'll ever read, you can count on it. ;) In other news however, I wouldn't leave you without something to satisfy your senses. So here are two poems I have written in my abense, and check back sunday for another treat as well. So here are "Denial" and "Hello" in respective order:

How glad I am,

That I never finished that race,
So that gold could never be mine.

It’d just be hanging up,
On some bust,
Rusting and rusting away.

Oh how I say that,
Year upon year.

I’m so thrilled,
That I never matched up,
To the greatest musicians out there.
It wouldn’t have worked,
No one I knew would show up,
And my life would be one big solo.

This I would say,
Month after month,
Hoping the truth it’d replace.

But I’m so joyful,
That I never got to
Write my own books.

It’s a tough career,
Unlike these gears,
That I replace day to day.
And week to week,
This lie I would speak,
Hoping it’d make
Me peak.

But none of this denial,
Will ever compare
To the day-to-day battle,
That your love I can live without.

Hello pretty brunette.

Are you alone?
Why is that?
Who are you waiting for?

Who could deny that smile?
A small grin it is,
But can be felt a few light years away.

Who wouldn’t double take at those eyes?
A Gentle brown,
Rare as a decent live concert.

How could anyone miss that style?
Where clothing lacks color,
Your personality is full of it.

How would anyone live without that giggle?
Cute and sweet,
And ever so embracing.

Tell me lonely brunette.
Who are you waiting for?
Why you’re waiting on that boy,
Admiring you from the backseat.

How do you like them? These were written for a girl named Aulene, a good friend of mine at my school who may never get to read them... but that is the life of a poet no? Remember, we post your stories as well giving you all the credit. Just to get it up there. Remember to check back Sunday for a special treat as well.


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