Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A First

Hey people. Sorry to keep you waiting. I know you've all been faithfully checking our site for a wonderful new and exciting work. But nothing, absolutely NOTHING has been posted until now. You're mad right? Well you shouldn't be. Because all of your waiting has indeed come to a close AND it will be well awarded.
I am posting my first ever, yes ever, successful short story. Okay.. successful MAY be the wrong word but hey we all measure success differently. Unfortunately this new piece does not have a title.

Tears run down a cheek. The face is soft and round. Hair frames the face but its frazzled and messy. Lips form a pout and bloodshot blue eyes accent the face's features.
A voice softly speaks. The lips move. Someone gets up and speaks softly. The someone whispers in an ear.
The lips move again.
The someone takes a hand, leads it to a bed. Gently, someone tucks the sheets around a body and softly whispers in an ear again.
A small smile lightens the soft face.
Another whisper in an ear.
"Goodnight," someone says.
"Goodnight, papa" the lips say.
Someone walks out, turns off the light, and gently closes the door but leaves it slightly ajar.
A soft, yellow single trail of light falls inside the room.

Did you like it? I'm kind of proud of myself, especially since it was made out of complete boredom during class...
Sorry for the late post!

~Anora Anakaya~

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Terra said...

This is different, but I really like it. It is told in a different way from the stories that I have read, and I really thought it worked nicely.