Sunday, March 20, 2011

Half the events of my life are a result of boredom.


Call me a profit, a demon. Still, if you wish, crucify me for the terrible dreams given to my mind as I lay my head upon the clouds at night. All I see is you, the truth behind you and who you are. So call me whatever, kill me whenever. See though that my mind is torn. All I seek is the peace that your violence brings.


Hey everyone, Alex here.

Sundays are days of severe boredom for me so I thought that I might:

1. share a piece of prose (which you've most likely already read)


2. let you know of the latest result of my boredom.

This result is none other than a creation of a Twitter account to share the random thoughts and sayings that run through my mind. (Think of it as short but frequent bursts of poetry.) So, if anyone is into the whole "Twitter" thing, be sure to find and follow me (@Alex_Arlington).

Fate drives me.
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