Friday, May 20, 2011

Skye Dreams Again

I have good new again. Donivon Hineron Skye from last week's post continues to dream strangely in this week's continuation. I know not much story is currently happening but some things take longer than others no? And didn't some once say all good things come to those who wait?


Donivon found himself laying in the dirt. Trees stretched toward the sky, their branches reaching for sunlight. Small patches of blue peered through the massive wall of green. Donivon stood up. He was exhausted. His feet felt like lead. His head felt heavy. His breathing was instinctively fast, but he slowed it down.

There was nothing, just trees, moss, and some other foliage. Leaves rustled behind him. He turned. Again, there was nothing.

Donivon walked. After hours of passing tree after tree, a path appeared. There was no one in sight but foot prints clearly made their way in on distinctive direction. Donivon decided to follow them. A low rumble came from behind. Slowly, the noise grew louder. It began to sound more like an engine and less like a rumble. 

Donivon turned around. A truck was speeding down the path. It seemed too big for the path and the trees seemed to bend up around it, making room for it. Its red rusted side was ready to fall apart but the glistening hood claimed to be of lesser age. 

I know this story is coming together in short spurts. I know this is likely a disappointing weekly read. And I know, this story so far sucks. But bear with me and realize that this is the very first draft. It is unedited and unchanged from what I wrote on my paper here at home. So, that said, I will take any and all feedback as to editing, story continuation, word change, detail additions (or subtractions), even point of view change. Just don't through me under a buss. ;)

~Anora Anakaya~
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