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A New Beginning Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
A Temporary Home

Bruce kept an expressionless face as he pulled up to the gates of the
Kennedy Space Center, he showed the pass card that Dr. Jennings had given him.
Dr. Jennings was the head of NASA, she was a beautiful, intelligent, and impressive woman. She had done so much in her life, and she was only 28 years old. Bruce was intimidated by her beyond belief, for he himself was 26 years old, and had accomplished nothing.

He parked his car and got out, and began walking toward the main entrance of the building, where he once again showed the guards his pass card. An attendant showed him the way to a room labeled “Briefing.” He entered the room. It was filled with 9 women, and 9 men. They were all waiting silently, almost in fear. Bruce was wondering what was going to happen next.

This trip had been in the plans for 3 years now, and these had to be the other people that Dr. Jennings had told him about, all great candidates for the trip.
Bruce sat there and studied everyone in the room attentively, when he noticed that next to him there was a very strong looking, dark skinned man, He had a shaved head and looked to be close to 30 years old.

The man took notice that Bruce was staring at him, and he gave a grin and extended his hand saying “The names Will, William Jamison.” Bruce was a little hesitant shaking his hand, because growing up he had never had much contact with black people, but he felt he should give someone a chance, since it is The New Beginning. “Bruce Lawson” he replied as he shook the dark man’s hand.

“Where are you from?” Inquired Bruce.

“I’m from Indianapolis” Replied the man, “How about yourself?”

“Tampa” said Bruce quietly trying not to be to open to conversation.

“This journey Is a wonderful thing for the people here, it truly is going to be a fresh start for these people, a way to escape the things we don’t want to remember, but cannot forget.” Will said proudly.
“Indeed, I find it pretty crazy how…” replied Bruce as he was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the door opening, and in walked Dr. Jennings.
She was about 5’8 inches tall, with dark brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes.
She immediately went to the podium in the middle of the room, as everyone began sitting up properly in their chairs.

She began to speak. “Sorry to keep you all waiting, I had a lot of final preparations to make before the journey, but I am here now, so lets begin.”
Bruce was in awe of her beauty and grace as she addressed the group of people.

“You are the selected group of people, chosen specifically for character traits, abilities and for the fact that you are all willing to make this journey. You all have little to risk, but you have much to gain from this. And we here at NASA thank you for this. Although it’s dangerous, you are risking your lives. That is why I too am going on this journey. If you are to survive you are going to need someone who knows everything necessary for the journey. We have doctors, construction men, gardeners, farmers, soldiers, and scientists. All are key to our survival in this new home.”

Bruce was enthralled in this whole speech, not that it was anything special, but Dr. Jennings just had a way of speaking, that kept you interested in what she was saying.
Suddenly he realized she was leaving the podium and everyone was following her.
“I must’ve been day dreaming through the end of the speech.” He said quietly to himself as he started following the crowd.

They walked down a long dark tunnel, until they reached the end. It went out into an enormous room, and in the middle sat a piece of machinery like no other, a spacecraft, it was easily ten stories high, it was silver with a flat, round shaped top that had a fin-like thing sticking out of the top. It was something you might see in a movie from the early part of the century, it looked completely out dated to the current sci-fi films, which were so unbelievably un-realistic.
Dr. Jennings looked at the group and said allowed, “Meet your temporary home, Exodus1”


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