Friday, May 13, 2011

Donivon Hineron Skye

Hey all! So in order to keep me writing I am going to post one part of my new story that focuses on dreams. The main character as you may have guessed is named Donivon Hineron Skye. No, his parents didn't like him much to give him the name ''Hineron". Anyway, the whole plot line of this story will be revealed to you as soon as it is revealed to me. I've got no plans for it so we will see where it goes.

Donivon Hineron Skye walked down a dirt road. Wind kicked up dust in the wasteland. The sun beat down upon Donivon's back. Donivon staggered. His knee buckled and he fell. He rolled over to his back and spread his arms wide. A car passed on the other side of the road. Donivon squinted and looked into the sun. His vision blurred and all he could see was white and then, everything turned black.

Skye jerked up. Sweat dripped down his temple. His eyes were wide. Skye looked around. Familiar features slowly greeted him: a lamp, a table, his clothes. Calm slowly reentered him. He pulled the sheets off of him and walked down the hall. He found himself going toward the fridge. Drawings cover it: a sketch of the wasteland, his face twisted in anguish, the blinding sun, a girl's face, a child's hand.

Each confused Skye.He drew each, knew every detail, but he didn't know why. Skye stared at the last drawing, the one of a child's hand. He had drawn every detail in, right down to the fingerprints. He followed the lines and curves with his eyes, searching for some meaning. Suddenly, he jerked himself from his trance opened the fridge and retrieved a bottle. He popped the top and drank. The liquid inside was gone in seconds.
I hope you enjoyed it.
~Anora Anakaya~

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