Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life brings hope

Here's another poem to end this weekend. I hope you enjoy it.



Close my eyes,
Count to three.
Tragedy will come...

Amidst the darkness,
I see her.
Among the blackness,
no one shines brighter.

She smiles,
I return the glance.
Her eyes stare back,
I wonder if I'd have a chance.

My hand reaches out
To gain hers
If she'd permit.
But she solely stares
With green eyes so fare
My heart jumps in a fit.

So softly I whisper
And her lips return
"Why not?"

Her laugh cuts
The darkness in two.
As a bright light fills,
Remakes, the space anew.

She is next to me.
I'm able to see.

I hadn't won;
Darkness had fled.
What I gained
Was love instead.

Open my eyes.
Count to three.
Believe hard enough;
I'll escape a tragedy.

Fate drives me.
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