Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where it all ends, something begins

Hey everyone.

As those closest to me may know, my girlfriend and I broke up. For this past week I've been a wreck and unable to write for the most part. My feelings for her are something I've never felt before so intensely. Only time will tell if everything will get better. This week's poem is appropriately named for what will be my biggest helper.



 The space in between lines
     amount to all the tears
          between these complex times.
My eyes drip liquid wonder
     as these last few moments
          time now begins to plunder.

These thoughts.
          These crimes.
     These tortuous rhymes.
Escaping fate
          is not a gift
     but something to lift
          each thought
     of who I'm not.

Such random concepts.
I wish the world would
     give me a hint.
For it seems
     that I can't grasp
          the inspiration before my eyes.
Every part of this life
    is a blurry mess now
          since love has gained my heart.

Fate drives me.
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