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The New Logo for L.I.F.!!!!!

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't been posting lately, but I have been taking multiple exams the last week all leading up to my graduation tomorrow!!! Alex and I will be heading out into the "real world" soon, and it's a bittersweet moment for me. But first off, I would like to introduce the new logo of L.I.F. courtesy of Anora! A very beautiful yet simple design that the bloggers all agreed was fantastic. I would have introduced it sooner, but as I said, I was busy writing poems for graduation. I'm all ready to get the hell out of high school, but I know full well that things only get tougher from here on out. Even as I struggled to enjoyed High School, I have always wondered, how will College be any different? Sure there are no cliques, no restrictions and the freedom to do whatever you want. Nevertheless, there is also bills to pay, for most loans to receive and to pay off, and extremely harder material to learn AND memorize. Not to mention only around 30% of college freshmen finish their first year in college... So I attempted to write a poem to ease my pain, and the words from soul failed to piece together on a white sheet. Then, while reading a poem of my good friendand fellow blogger Alex, I had an epiphany on what I was doing wrong, and now, you guys will be the first to read it! Here is my last post as a Senior of Mill Creek High School, I hope you enjoy it!

Monologue of a Pessimistic

Listen as I recall

The life I attempt to control.
The trials it has faced,
The lessons it has learned.
From the moment I opened my eyes.
To the sound of my first cry.
As I took that first step on my feet,
I slowly walked towards a painful street.
From the bouncing and moving across the states,
To the fading of innocence from my youthful brain.
This life slowly left the control,
Of my hands that only wish to hold.
Death began to crowd my life,
Yet I remain deaf to the fat lady’s song.
So from rope swing my friend’s stories,
While the pieces to my own were no where to be found.
Placing my hope in love to save my soul,
In a girl with a heart more unstable then my own.
I cost her her life, in return she took my heart,
And love showed its highs and lows.
On and on I walked,
Searching for the pieces I never owned.
Failing to opening back up,
And dreaming without a happy thought.
Nearly falling into the bloody requiem,
Fire burning away the memories of my heart.
Yet the fire still dies out,
Leaving sweet snow in its wake.
Snow to let me cover up burns,
But only adds hurt to injury.
My deaf ears still refuse to listen,
Because of friends long and gone.
The pain continues to pile,
While the secrets remain to torture.
The thought of never being able to feel worthwhile,
Or the nightmare of never telling her my feelings.
The solace I must find in loneliness,
While surrounded by a million people.
Down I fall an empty hall,
Into a mirrored wall grand and tall.
The Wall reflects all pain at once,
And plays it back as a dead man’s song.
“I won’t listen, I refuse!
My ears no longer listen!”
Why do that, you silly boy,
No wonder you can’t hear those kids whispers.
Listening for the whispers,
I stare on pass,
Where I entered this dungeon.
To find my friends, my comrades,
All chasing behind.
I’m running away from pain,
From death, from acceptance,
All because it was never what I wanted.
Little did I realize that what I wanted,
Was always standing behind it.
I was looking for the final pieces,
But you can make a picture without them.
I was dreaming a sweet nightmare,
But I always wake up from it.
I could never make up a story,
Because I forgot I only write them.
And now that my pieces are together,
And my story is a nice one,
I can tell you now with some confidence,
That your real world isn’t mine sir.

What did you think? I think this poem was a lot different from my other poems. Not only in style, but I feel it really shows how I have not so much grown, but changed over the years. I mean this in terms of my writing style, my diction(although very limitly), and in character. I hope you guys enjoyed it! And to the Class of 2011, CONGRATULATIONS, And never forget to Always Put Life Into Words!!!!!!!!


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