Sunday, May 15, 2011

In His Place

Unfortunately Alex has not been feeling well of late. He has asked me to post two of his pieces in his stead. So here is Heartgold and Serenity. 


Here is my heart.
It beats in my chest
Like a bass drum,
Far from heaven,
At the base of my world.

I close my eyes.
I feel the pulse.
So hard does the blood pump
Through my green veins.

So far
I've felt so greedy
To keep such a miraculous muscle
Buried deep
in my cavernous chest.

you reach out to me.
At those lovely hands that you own.

They've been scarred.
They've been scratched.
And, now,
They hold something more precious
Than those eyes of yours
Which match
The color of my corrupted veins.

Here is my heart.
Hold it gently
As it beats in your lovely hands. 


I can hear them
The flapping of the doves' wings
As they fly too high above our heads
To ever be seen

But it's obvious
That they fly
Solely to carry serenity
To our damaged souls

They bring peace
I can feel it in my bones
Any time I'm around you

All of my pain
Leaves my soul
Whenever you're by my side

With such serenity
I know that
Even fate
Shall consider us lucky
Here is to praying that Alex Azazel Arlington feels better in the coming days. 

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