Friday, January 11, 2013


Okay. A little background on this piece. It’s about my little brother—he has a disability called fragile X (a rare form of down syndrome). I’ve wanted to write about him for a while and share his voice just so it makes a little more sense.

“Fragile X”

Close your eyes with me and imagine yourself with struggling through life. You cannot speak with your mouth only with your hands, communication is a barrier, but your heart is kind . Frustration is a cloud over your head. Silence is your language.
Would you be able to live with that every day? I've have the same drama and issues as you my friend .
I get through every moment with a smile. Being different from everybody else? Having no brain but not be able to use it?
When you walk people make fun of you, and throw paper at you, SNAP! flinging rubber bands at your bare skin that hurt you as much as their words. Nobody likes you because of your disability. You don’t belong anywhere. Everyone chants: “You’re helpless!” You can’t fend for yourself.

Don't judge me for what I can and cannot do.I am a person too, not a creature from another world. I have personalities. Make me your friend not a bully victim.

Sabrina Black

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Anonymous said...

Very good message!