Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Tragic Fall

"The Fall of Icarus" by Ecthelian

Hello everyone!

This past weekend, nothing but tragedy befell me. Whether it be the hospitalization of three people I care about or the end of a four year friendship, life has seemed to be tragically falling. I couldn't help but feel like I've been like Icarus these past few months, flying too close to the sun, or happiness. 

Thus, the inspiration for this newest piece.


Separate the bottle from my lips.

Liberate the jealousy from my mind.

Please, just set me free.

I dream of soaring high,
Far above the clouds,

But these feet slow me down,
and the wings I build just keep breaking.

The sun and its tiresome embrace.

The moon leaving me alone without a trace,

Of a soul to keep me in comfort.

Oh, just remove me from this Earth,
Carry me to somewhere new.

I'll keep on wishing silently.

I'll keep hoping while I die.

If only a day to pass would bring success

Upon these wings I would fly.

Yet, as Icarus I remain,
And this wax does stain
And these feathers forget

That humans can't fly  

But I'm forced to remember as I fall back down.

Headfirst into the ground, time and time again.

Alleviate me from this tiresome task.

Oh, but it's too late.

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