Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Beginnings

Hey guys this is Aulene!!!

"Colour my world" by MsMysterious

Today, I bring you a new piece about new beginnings.

At one point in everyone’s lives they have wanted to start over—have a new beginning—with no judgment and a clean slate.

Let me know what your guys’ New Year’s resolution is and how you plan to make it happen.

Have a great New Year’s, and remember to make it count. Make this a great year with no regrets!

Good luck! Thank you so much for all of your support!!!

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“New Beginnings”

Every now and again you wish
Wish you could start over
Get a new start
A new beginning

To forget the past
Forget all the mistakes
And just try
To be someone new

For better or for worse
Be someone you want
Not what people make you
Be a new you

Create a new dream
Make a new friend
Do something...
For someone else

Make this new year count
Look in the mirror
Do you like what you see?
If not change it

Everyone can do it
It just takes a little thought
To be a better person
And make a difference

Help someone to cross the street
Volunteer at a shelter
 Do something you normally wouldn’t
Just try something new

Make this year the best
Make it count
No regrets
Make your own luck

Make a resolution
Fall in love
Shoot some fireworks
Live like there is no tomorrow

Dye your hair
Get a tattoo
Get a piercing
Wear something different

Paint a picture
Write a song
Take a dance class
Learn a language

Say goodbye
To those who hold you back
And hello
To those who will push you forward



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