Saturday, January 26, 2013

Think Again

Hey its Sabrina Black this week's piece is about aurguring with your self some times
when  you have a tough descion through life or maybe you just feel alone and nobody wants you so your better off dead. Well thats jebbersish there is always someone who needs you more than anything in the world. In this story a character named I and Me battle words back and forth. Me wants I to fall and feel worthless while I sees past the stabbing words and makes them filled with hope. While reading this aurgument read it from bottom to top  because I always wins.
“WhoI Am”


I: I'm adventurous, ablaze withambition to help my world.

Me: You're bashful and can't doanything without being baneful! Breakaway from the world.

I: I think I'm cautious andconscientious towards others and courageous in every way.

Me: You're deceitful when you talkto others so dippy you are in everything you do. You're not devoted.

I: I care about my environment andshow enthusiasm to care for my world and show empathy to those who need help.

Me: You're not fascinated byanything and unstable when you help others and always mess up. You don't exist,you're fictional.

I: I can be giddy and genuine withlife and my happiness.

Me: You're ghostly!

I: I'm harmless not broken andfilled with hate

Me: You're heart-broken by the oneyou used to love.

I: Integrity is one of my strongestcharacteristics; I'm illustriously intimate to my loved ones.

Me: “Joyful?” Oh, please! You'rejust jesting yourself!

I: My kindred spirit is easilykenspeckle and kind.

Me: Lackadaisical at everything youdo, lazy, worthless, and lean.

I: I have musical skills that aremasterful! Not meek!

Me: You have a narrow-mind, notnew-fashioned or noble!

I: I have obedience and I love beingold-fashioned and open-hearted towards life.

Me: Pathless and pathetic you arewith no passion when you do wrong.

I: Quiet, Me. Your words question myself; I'm quick, not slow and stupid.

Me: Responsible? Oh please! You'renot thinking realistically. Being rude is your true character.

I: I can be shy at times but neverrude or selfish. I like being safe and sound from my troubles.

Me: You're tearful. I can see it inyour eyes with my taunting. Ha! I shall show no tenderness.

I: Valuable is what I am to others.Vulnerable, when I need to be, but not voiceless without compassion.

Me: Uncertain of the choices youmake, you call yourself valuable.

I: I'm unbroken and filled withlight that I carry with me you have underestimated me.

Me: Look at you, you're wakeful andwearisome. You'll fall weightlessly to the ground. Meek!

I: My heart is not xerophilousbut filled with lust for love

Me: You zigzag through life withyour heart weighing as much as zinc.

I: You're describing yourself. I'mright here always by your side, I'm not alone.
Sabrina Black ALIW

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