Monday, January 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Hello guys it's Aulene!!! Alright so this is a new piece. It's about saying goodbye to your old life to start a new one. Growing up in a way. This is something that I am going through right now so I am writing a variety of pieces like this lately. 
Have you guys ever had an experience with this before? Let me know!
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Saying Goodbye

The end of one thing
And the beginning of another

For better or for worse
You have to say it
You have to say goodbye

Goodbye to friends
And start a new

Say hello
To your new life
To YOUR life 

Say goodbye to...
Everyone who held you back

Everyone who said no
Who said you couldn't do it
Everyone who said aim lower

And turn around just to say HA!
I did it
I made it

I made my way
You said I couldn't do it...
And yet here I am

I said goodbye to you 
And hello to my new life
And goodbye to the old one

Sometimes I look back
And wish I hadn't said goodbye
Sometimes I miss it

Then I turn back
I am not going to look back
Not going to look at what once was

I will look forward
Move on
Look at what will be.



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