Friday, January 18, 2013

Life's song

“Theme Song”

Every life
Has a song
With many genres
That speak to us
make us who we are
But affect us in many different ways

An upbeat song that uplifts our hearts with hope and memories
That makes us jump around with a big grin on our faces
Like we have a reason to celebrate
Some have songs close to their hearts
meanings that make them feel safe
And cause their hearts to be calm
As if in deep thought when lying down with wonderful thoughts of the day.

Other times we have a song to play when we go through struggles and heartaches
The song is like a powerful painkiller
We play it over and over
But there's always one song that describes you
The lyrics are engraved in your mind
You can't help but put a smile on when you hear it
Get it stuck in your head
It describes where you come from
Where you've been

Your life's song

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