Sunday, January 6, 2013


"Leaving" by IMustBeDead

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! 

This is something that I have been thinking about a lot. 
My dad is totally different since I turned 18 and is basically trying to kick me out of the house. 
I am scared and don't feel like I can trust him, but I know leaving is the best thing. 
It's time to grow up I guess.
Have any of you ever been in a situation when you were scared, 
but you had no choice but to face your fears? 
Let me know.
Thank you for all your support! 

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Moving On

I am leaving
I am moving on
Away from here
Away from you
starting a new life
WITHOUT your help

Then again, that won't affect you much

You want me to pay
Pay to live with you
I am your daughter
Why can't you take care of me?
Do you really not care
Do you want me to leave?

You're trying 

Trying to get me to leave
To make me hate you
And make me want to leave
I don't want to leave
But you give me no choice
So I'm gone

Once and for all

I am on my own
Starting my own life
I will need some help
But I won't ask you
You have shown that I can't...
Can't trust you.

So goodbye

I will fall
I will get hurt
I will struggle
But you won't be here from me
You got what you wanted
I'm leaving

I'm on my own



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