Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Guys and Gals

I am the other author on this site, Chris. In case anyone was unaware, I have dropped my nickname and picked up a name that has always felt strong to me, Alex. From now on, any post I make on this site will be under my new name.
Also, I have removed a portion of my book I had posted several months ago due to personal reasons.

Q: What are those personal reasons?

A: I'm glad you asked. Recently I ran into some trouble from my school due to a misrepresentation of my storyline. I have no ill-will against the school, but the entire situation does frustrate me.

As far as my writing goes, my original book, Bleeding Truth, is in the final stages of editing before I begin looking for a publisher. My second Book, Shattered Lies--the book that has given me the most headaches in the past week--I am in the process of writing, I am very excited to see where the story takes me :D

Also, I am currently working on a side project I have dubbed My Obsession With Fire (the name is taken directly from the song "Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire" by Senses Fail [look it up!]). The story deals with a man in his early twenties who is being forced to save a society he has no connection with because of the skills he had unknowingly developed throughout his life.
Along with the main character, a girl named "Angela Baker" plays a large role as a nationalist who wishes to take her country's matters into her own hands instead of outsourcing their troubles. As far as her method of choice to deal with matters, you may have already guessed it but she is a pyromaniac with problems with impulse control.

I will post an excerpt on a later date, so check back frequently--especially for the final portion of Quinton's contest.

That's it for now, and, again, call me Alex ;)

Provehito en Altum


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