Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stage 2 Category Explanations


Okay finalists so you know what the categories are, but what do each one means? Well here is a detailed analysis into what you will be judged for:
  1. All Areas Fulfilled: This simply means that you have given all the information I have requested. To get full points you must have clearly visible/understandable: character full name, gender, description of attire, background story and personality, quotes or sayings they may have(optional), birthdate and place, stats(stuff like height, hair color, eye color, nationality, etc.)
  2. Imagery: This is meant as how clearly can I see your character. Like how easy it is for me to see how you're character looks, even without having the picture right on front of me.
  3. Realism: How real this person seems. Not in terms of whether how realistic their actions are, but in how real they seem. Like do they seem like the flawed-human beings we all are, or like the perfect cartoon character.
  4. Creativity: This is basically means how different is your character while seem functioning in the world of realism.
  5. Impact: This categories implies how the character would hit the reader, or how their story impacts them. How well all the come together and grabs your attention.
  6. Overall Appeal: Pretty much which one the public believe was best. You could totally bomb the top categories and still win due to the points gained from being the consensus 1st pick. However that would be hard to do.
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