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Caracter Contest Example


The Character contest will be sarting very soon! So to kick things off I would like to give you a taste of what you will see....
A so-so look of Henry's hair at times

Henry Duante Ivory

Age/Personality – 15 years old/ December 21, 2018

Nationality – American (African-American, White)

Birthplace – Cincinnati, OH

Hometown – Cincinnati, OH

Skin Color – Tan

Hair/Eye Color – Black/ Alternates between Green and Dark Brown

Class – Cancellor (Lightning)

Elements – Lightning, Fire, Wind


Henry has an average teenage appearance. He has short classic curly black hair that looks to have a little touch of pomade. His eyes that change between menacing and commanding brown eyes to his gentle green eyes that instill kindness into anyone he looks at. Henry body structure is rather slim and he is about 5 feet and 10 inches. He has a scar across his right arm. He has naturally tan skin tone from his ethnicity. He generally wears either an Ohio State or Cincinnati Bengals jersey along with matching basketball shorts and Zig Tech shoes. While in the world of Macramé, Henry sticks to wearing either an unbuttoned red dress shirt with blue tie over a white undershirt and jeans with either high-top shoes or special tabi sneakers or he would wear a full-body red hood cloak with a gold coin clip over the same except the tie.


Henry is a greedy and cavalier teenage boy. He believes in only looking out for himself and is sadistic in speech towards everyone he talks to. Henry doesn’t believe in the aspect of “friendship” seeing it as a useless investment of time if they won’t always be around. Henry only associates with people he feels has value to him. Henry often talks with a mocking or belittling tone, and likes to speak in different languages just to set people off. He is extremely rude towards women, treating them like accessories instead of people. Henry is also extremely blunt in his speech towards someone in regards of skill, appearance, etc. Henry’s favorite catch-phrase is “Remember me, because I’ll make that memory worth a grand one day.”

Background Story

Henry was born on December 21st, 2018 at midnight. Henry was born to two war heroes from the WW3, an event that started on the very day he was born 6 years ago. However, this actually made him a target rather respected figure, as the day his dad beat Babel Woodnote, he gave this warning to the world… “Look 6 years into the future from the very day I started this war at midnight and stare at the seed of your destruction, as Phase 2 of my plan will be set into motion.” Many feared that Henry was the “seed” Babel spoke of, and immediately called for the death of the child, but was allowed to let live as the son of the two of the ten war heroes. Henry grew up hated by nearly all those alive for WW3 and decided to shove it back in their face by showing he didn’t care for their opinion. Henry then created the persona he has at the start of the book. However, after a girl is killed by two thugs that Henry let escape, it is thought that he let them free on purpose, and is called to death once again. He is then transported to the world of Macramé, a virtual video game that he once dominated and made into a Cancellor, a student of an illegal form of magic. Now he has become the outlaw he always feared he would be, and must save the very world he has forsaken with no clue how to do it. To make matters worse, he will learn the fate of a world that lost WW3…

Abilities & Useful Skills

As a Cancellor, Henry can strip natural elemental magic out of the air and use it to attack his foes. Since he is using all of the magic instead of recycling it after each use, but this causes him to permanently use the magic up, meaning he is only to use his cancellor skills in a pinch. This is the reason for his brand of magic being banded. Henry however is capable of using many enhancement spells, allowing him to hold his own in a fight. Another useful talent is his ability to speak fluently speak 18 different languages, and write two more, making disguising himself easy and gathering information simpler as Terra, the world of Macramé, has all the same languages as Earth just different names. His best talent has to be his ability to pick-up anything at a faster rate then others, which is why he can speak so many different languages.

Well here is an example of one of the characters you'll see. Not only that, but this is also the protangonist of  Lacrime! So you now have you're own sneak peek into the book. ;) Also, Chris has changed his name to Alex, so I will be referring to him as such for now on.

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