Sunday, September 26, 2010

Contest Stage 2: Character Two and a Half


Okay so it's time for the next character to be revealed! Or better said... Characters! their names are...

Dimitri Konstantinov and Natalia Konstantinov

• Dimitri
  •  male
  •  Natalia’s brother and twin
  •  Uses magic
  •  Devoted to his study of spells
  •  Takes time to research when experimenting with spells and succeeds most of the time
  •  Is sadistic!
  •  Impatient with others
  •  Often says “Can we kill them Nat? Please?” or some variation of it
  •  Short dark brown hair
  •  Blue eyes
  • 5 foot 8 inches tall
  •  Fair skin
  •  Athletic build
  • Wears average teen clothes
  • Russian ethnicity

• Natalia

o Female

o Dimitri’s twin

 o Machine/tech geek

 o Energetic and talkative

 o Enthusiastic

 o Experiments with new designs for machines (often before she’s ready) and fails often

 o Says “where is a wrench?” when stressed

 o Curses in Russian when experiments fail

 o Appearance

  Shoulder length, brown hair with bangs like in the picture

 • Always pulled back in a ponytail but lets bangs hang

  Always wears joggles or a welder’s mask

  Prefers baggy jeans and a tank-top

  5 foot 5 inches tall

  Fair skin

  Makeup

 • Mascara and foundation

 When Dimitri and Natalia work together they create very advanced machines. Dimitri’s ability to work against physics and Natalia’s ability to find ways to make the magic last in physical objects allows for otherwise impossible creations. Dimitri studies no specific area of magic and prefers to have broader capabilities and a broader understanding. Natalia does most of the talking when they are together. The pair always stays close together and acts often as one unit.

Dimitri and Natalia are eighteen. Their parents died in a car accident on their way to graduation. They graduated from a small school and worked together in a mechanic shop that they own. A failed experiment by Natalia caused the place to burn to the ground and now Dimitri and Natalia are struggling to get started again. Natalia will craft trinkets and toys that Dimitri will infuse with magic and they will sell these to earn money. Dimitri is depressed and feels like his parents’ deaths are partially his and Natalia’s fault and therefore likes to retreat to his studies. Natalia feels guilt as well but is trying to push past the grief and tries to have a positive outlook.

All Areas Fufilled: All the areas were adressed, so this is a ten. 10/10
Imagery: I could picture each character in my mine, and they were each given features that I could distinguish from other characters. One thing that was a downside was I feel that the clothing could be expanded on. 9/10
Personality: I like the opposite personality situations. They are unique and the catch-phrases are different. Still fell they could be expanded on. 8/10
Creativity: I really like the creativity in the making of these characters. One, the creator found one of the many loopholes that I purposely left to test how far everyone would strain the rules for creativity. I also like the idea of russian twins, and combining them skills, leaving room for versatility. The background story I felt still needed some work but overall still very well done. Bonus points for looking outside the box 14/10
Realism: The twins gave me a generic feel that you normally get from twins, with despite them looking alike act completely different, giving me a mixed feeling of real and fake. Due to versaile nature of the entry however, I leaned more towards real due to the fact they were trying not to limit the possibilities. 7/10
Impact: The twins impacted me immediately because one I didn't see "them" coming, as I only expected one character. Two, from the difference in them being russian twins,  something I haven't seen before and lastly the the overall appeal from each one. 10/10

Overall Score: 58/60 Great Character Ideas!
I really liked this character overall and how different they were. This will also allow from some versatile stories, but where they end up is up to you my friends. ;)

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