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Contest Stage 2: Character One

Konnichiwa! Okay my friends, so It's time for the First character to be revealed! So without further ado here here you are...

Steven Oliver Sheriden (initals: S.O.S.)

Age: 18 years old

Height: 182.8 cm. (6 ft.)
Weight: 68 kg. (150 lbs.)
Hair color: light gray
Eye color: brown/red/green/purple/gold

Birthplace: London, England
Nickname: “Olly”
Favorite food: cod on a stick
Favorite saying: “You’re all idiots anyway…”

Mental Disorder: Does problems controlling anger count as a mental disorder? If so, he definitely has that…

Clothing style: Dark jackets, Dark jeans, Dark shirts, and….well dark clothes in general, anything that works to hide him from the world.

Weapon of choice: Any of his four limbs!

Physical strength: above average
Fighting skill: He’s sort of a street fighting “prodigy.” I guess that’s what happens when you grow up on the tough streets of London.
Attitude: arrogant, hot headed

Power: Energy Manipulation
Olly has the power to manipulate his own bodily and spiritual energy, as well as the energy in those/the environment around him, at his own free will. In normal circumstances, this technique is used to focus his energy on a specific point (i.e. his fists, feet, elbows, eyes, etc.) and strengthen the attributes/strength of the affected area. However, four known types of circumstances allow his emotions to effect his powers greatly and shift the uses of his power from attack, to defense, to espionage. These types of circumstances are known as “stances” (makes sense, right?) and are named Wrath, Lust, Greed, and Pride.

These are their descriptions:

Wrath: (his iris turns blood red)

“Wrath” occurs when Olly feels intense anger, hatred, or frustration. (Think of an “emo” kid who hates the world around him with all of his might. Yep, that’s basically this stance.) When active, it increases his overall energy and stamina, as well as his ability to focus and channel his energy to multiple places or condense the energy more than before possible.

A few of Wrath’s attack patterns:

Vibrator: an intense amount of energy is concentrated onto a specific area on the body and shot outward by latching the energy onto sound waves. Example: The energy is concentrated onto his hands and is sent flying when he claps them together.

Crater face: Essentially, bodily energy is focused onto both hands and feet, causing each impact made to cause greater damage with a wider range of attack.

Greed: (his iris turns green, like money)

“Greed” is the result of an intense feeling of desperation or want to protect something, usually what he feels is his own property. Greed is primarily a defensive stance that allows Olly to focus a large amount of his energy on areas directly outside of his body.

As a defensive stance, the main accomplishment made would be to release his energy enough to envelop his own body and/or the body of something/someone near him in order to protect them as much possible. Think of it as less of a traditional “energy shield” and more along the lines of a portable armor that only completely disappears through either will or energy depletion.

Lust: (his iris turns purple)

Horniness, envy, and severe feeling of “want” are all things that cause the Lust stance. It is less outwardly exposed then the previous two stances and occurs out of less desperation—if he were to focus, this is probably the only stance that can be obtained through sheer will, to a certain extent. By manipulating the energy in/around the bodies of others and external items, he is able to steal another’s energy (like a leach), control physical movements, and/or manipulate emotions and patterns of thoughts.

Pride: (his iris turns gold)

Pride is the most powerful stance and occurs only after Olly has stored a massive amount of energy and feels a severe amount of hatred, or (oppositely) a severe amount of love—yes, I had to include something “mushy,” shut up >.>

During this stance, all other stances are accessible at a higher degree than their normal caliber (Lust’s leaching power actually acts automatically if he entered Pride through hate). The main functionality of this stance is an increase in speed, stamina, and intellect. Olly uses a combination of his own and his enemy’s energy in order to create illusions and trick the enemy’s brain while Olly tears them limb from limb.

From birth, Olly was orphaned and never knew or saw his parents. After 5 harsh years in a London orphanage, the then happy and enthusiastic Steven began developing differently from the other children. His hair began to turn gray and his eyes would turn red whenever he got angry. The other kids ostracized and tortured him for being different. After a short period of enduring the torture and complaining to the instructors, even they joined in. He was alone, one force against dozens, with no hope of ever escaping.

One day, a rather plump child’s bullying had turned physical and blackened Steven’s eyes. Anger had overwhelmed Steven and he struck back, except when Steven threw his punch, it blasted a hole through the plump boy’s stomach, killing him instantly. After a split second of confusion, Steven looked at his hands in wonder.

“How did I do that?” he asked himself gently, a small, morbid smile forming on his bruised face. An immense power coursed through him, revitalized him, and he was loving every second of it. When he looked over at the on-looking children, who were cringing in fear, he smiled mischievously at them and yelled, “Whatever pity you want from me, you can blow out your ass!” In an attempt to scare them, he feigned jumping at them, but in the middle of his “pretending” a clear wave shot forward from his bodies. All of the children screamed in unison as the massive wave tore them to shreds and brought down the orphanage. Before the building could collapse on him, he ran outside, watching the outcome of his actions with his blood red eyes, his lips now curled in a wide smile.

Staring at the ruins of the orphanage, the six year-old pictured the mangled bodies of everyone who had tortured him and laughed without control. He had never been happier in his life.
Where do I start... XD this is a very well done and thought out character. I can clearly see that he wasn't made over night. I personally like how his magic works and the concept behind it, which I found to be very original and different. I also like how versatile the character, as they can go anywhere from the homicidal villain to the dark anit-hero or even misunderstood henchmen. This earned a few bonus points on his part. The character shows that everything is as peachy as everyone pretends it is, providing some realism to the character. Also, the character was clearly visible in my head, thanks to the picture and simple descritption of eyes and attire which allowed me to fill in the color aspects of things. If I had to knock something, is the personality could have been expanded alittle more on, which in progress hit the character's realism stat alittle, but still a strong effect all around. But how do you feel about Steven Oliver Sheriden?

All Areas Fufilled: 10/10
Imagery: 9/10
Personality: 7/10
Realism: 8/10
Impact: 9/10
Creativity: 11/10

Overall Score: 56/60 Very Versatile and Unpredictable



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