Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Truth Hurts....


Okay so very soon you will be hearing the conditions of the Final Stage of my contest, Connecting the Parts! but until then I thought I would let you read a story I wrote a few nights ago.... enjoy.

Truth about my Life

I’m sitting outside the double doors leading into the band room, waiting for my girlfriend to come. My band had just placed 12th at the BOA Finals, after working for years to place in the finals. I watch as people walk by. I receive everything from “hey” to “what’s up”. After awhile, I notice the radiant beauty otherwise known as my girlfriend. Her deep, hazel eyes cradled me as if I were lying in a water bed, while her short, black hair perfectly completes her angelic skin.

“Sorry I’m late babe,” she says after placing a kiss on my cheek.

“I’ll forgive you for another kiss.” I wink at her. She smiles and grabs my hand as we walk into the band room.

We walk in to find random groups of kids from all diversities and cliques standing together at different. I look to the right and see a trophy case which has a trophy saying "BOA Super Regional Finalists." I see a picture of all the officers, with me in the front-left smiling. I’m smiling after knowing how hard I worked for four years. I was able to get the clarinet section to be noticed for how good they really are.

“Hey Roy! Venus!”

I turn to a small group over near the folder cabinet waving at us. Venus and I walk over to greet our callers.

“Hey girl, hey!” says Kesha, a black girl and Venus’s best friend.
“Hey…” Venus remarks in a seductive tone throwing in a sexy smile to add some punch.
“Hey Kesha.” I say, but she playfully ignores me. “Oh I see how it is.”
“Are you still talking?” Kesha answers. Then my best friend Smithy flicks her from behind. “OW!”
“Stop being mean,” Smithy tells her in his German accent.
“He started it!”
“Like hell!” I shout jokingly, then Venus slaps me in the chest to calm me down as we all laugh. Then I get poked from behind only to find that it’s my freshman buddy, Katy.

“You owe me still,” she grins, talking about the present I promised to give her.
“I told you Christmas!” I said trying to buy time to come up with an excuse.
“Hey Roy, did you finish the essay for physics?” Smithy inquired of me. I jumped because it had completely slipped my thoughts.
“Oh, well see what had happen was…” I started, but Venus and Katy rolled their eyes.
“You know you have a bad case of senioritis, right? Do you want to fail senior year?” Venus asked me.
“I don’t know. One more year with you wouldn’t be too bad.” I say stealing a kiss.
“What makes you think it’s mutual?” She says while smiling trying to hold back a giggle. I smile back.

“Well, even then we are all going to the same college, so we’ll be together.” I turn and pinch Kesha. “So you’re stuck with me.” We all laugh, and I hug Venus as a bell rings, breaking me of my pseudo-world called dreams.

Suddenly, I am awake sitting against a tuba case.

“Bout time you woke up,” I hear Jeremiah saying in a relieved voice. I sit up to find myself back in reality. People walk past me, and I give a few "hello"'s as some say "hey" back and immediately walk past. I get up to go get my instrument out of the band room, where I find Venus talking to another guy named Josh. They hug and walk out talking and laughing up a good time. I then look over as Smithy is hugging his exchange sisters, holding plenty of good-bye cards and candy. I walk back outside and catch Kelli.

“Hey did you get accepted into Georgia State?” I ask.

“Yeah, but I decided to go to Auburn. Sorry, I hope you have fun there though!” She says, running off. I wave goodbye, then turn to the trophy case to find a trophy saying "BOA Super Regional Honorable Mention." I look at the picture of all the officers and see that I'm not in it. Then I remember the world I live in. Venus is my ex, and no longer will acknowledge my presence. I have no best friends, no major accomplishments. I have never been anywhere for longer then a year in high school, so no one would remember me or miss me. I wasn’t the least bit popular, and even with the few friends I would manage to make here, they would be gone as soon as I graduate. I would be utterly alone and unknown, just another spirit on this planet. Happiness for me was a dream, an illusion that was only reachable in my sleep or on paper in some fiction fairy tail. It's funny how in my world, a lie hurts less than the truth. This was fine however, because once I am stuck in an eternal nap, I will still experience eternal happiness, because nothing could be worse than this life I force myself to bear. Hell, I might as well speed it up.
Well how'd you like? I kind of just wrote it out of the blue and thought I'd share. :) Don't forget that you can send in stories as well and we will post them for our fellow bloggers! stay tuned as well for our follow-up post on information on the contest!

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