Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finding One's Self in Words...


The past few days of my life summed up.

How was everyone's break? I can officially say my school has lost in football playoffs, so I will now have more free time for the blog. In the past few days I have written a huge number of stories, poems, and other litertary works. I will be posting them along with some new discussions and the restart of "Questions with Quinton!" There's more, I have decided to take the whole collection of my poems and short stories and make them into one book. :D In there you will find many of the stories I have posted on here and facebook including a number of stories nobody has ever read. I will give you more information in the upcoming weeks, but while you wait I will give you a sneak peek at the book with two new poems, one of which will be exclusive to this blog. ;) Enjoy!

I’m that kid

everyone always sees smiling,
Singing, laughing,
No problems here or beside me.

I keep up this front,
this false identity,
To keep all the fear
and sadness inside me.
I laugh in crowds,
and deny the feelings my heart beats,
But in isolation,
the mask comes off me.

I don’t do it because
no one offers to help me,
I say it because
nothing they say can save me.
I say it because
my pain can’t be fixed by thee,
The sprit in this abyss
that I can not reach.

I only want one person’s attention
to grab my hand with glee,
For their eyes to spy me,
That everyone else sees.
But I realize that wish,
Is beyond my best reality.
That no such goal,
can be met in real world.
So instead of bothering them,
Bringing down others happiness,
I rather just be,
That kid everyone sees smiling.


I’m the most selfish person
I’ve ever met.
I can’t think about anyone
But myself.

This girl, I want her to be mine
I ask her to make me
Her number one.
I ask her to put
Her friends before me.
For when the thought of going out
Comes to mind
That gets the first call.

My parents I ask that I not
Be dragged along.
To their lame adventures,
Family gatherings and local events.
I ask that they don’t move
Forcing me to start anew.
To sit still,
Give a place a chance,
And allow me to gain some happiness.

I ask my friends to stop labeling me
To look at me like they do one another
To understand I’m different,
And that I can’t be somethings
They can reach.
To be included in their stories,
And not some exiled stranger.
To not praise someone in front of me,
So I understand the things I can’t be.

I’m selfish because I ask so many demands,
And give too little in return.
I ask for some attention,
But fail to give the same.
I demand for a little happiness,
Yet denied others of it
I plead not to be label,
Then turn around and do the same.

My selfishness has left me with nothing,
Longing just for someone to care a little,
To stay someone where I’m wanted,
To just not be a complete loser.

I’m selfish because I can’t believe in god,
Because in a life I didn’t even get to choose,
I have to give the freedom, love, and friends
I never truly had.
How'd you like them? These I wrote awhile ago, simply putting "Life into Words." I would have to say I have a new love for poetry and I'm slowly getting better. I hope you like them! Remember that we post works from anyone and everyone, so send it to Alex or I and we will happily post it. We take absolutely no credit for anyone's work and will post you as anonymous if requested. Send in your stories, and remember to "Always Put life Into Words."



r.a.k. said...

love these. there is a lot of feeling behind them.

Mr Lonely said...

blog walking and visiting here... have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

Quinton said...

r.a.k.: Thank you I based them off my life as usual. :)

Mr. Lonely: Will do :) Feel free to do the same for us