Monday, November 22, 2010

Everytime, the world shall change.


This is Alex with some more writing to fit your fancy ;)

Lately, I've been writing a lot of side projects, but none of them stick out farther than a storyline I've developed around the Shinto legend of Izunami and Izunagi. (If you have no clue, either ask me or wiki it.) For those who don't know me personally, I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and spend quite a bit of my free time reading manga and playing Persona 3 and 4 on my PS2. Some call me a nerd, but I just call myself a man searching for another source of inspiration. Anyways, the story is likely to turn into a full-fledged book from the 20 pages I've written so far, so here's the first chapter give you a taste and keep you confused.


Finding Yourself


Splash! Splash! Six year-old Gabriel Smithe jumped in a puddle that had accumulated on the side of the street. Splash! Much to his mother’s chagrin, he had failed to wear any sort of footwear that would have aided him in the post rainfall environment of his cul-de-sac. New York City had seen a lot of rainfall that summer already; the suburb of NYC Gabriel lived in had gotten even more. Splash! Each time the rain stopped falling he would leave his house in glee and play in the puddles, often getting his casually dressed completely drenched in the process.

Splash! His biggest jump yet sent the contents of a rather large puddle flying. Water sprayed up into his grinning face. In a stagger he escaped the puddles depths and fled to the sidewalk. Without hesitation Gabriel collapsed onto the wet sidewalk and sprawled himself out. The jumping had caused him to be slightly tired, but the world would have never known by the way he giggled in self pleasure. Water crawled gently into the loose fabric of his shirt, sending a cool sensation up his spine.

The clouds moved carelessly across the blue sky in shapes that held the attention of Gabriel’s brown eyes captive. A pig sporting a curly tail floated overhead, as the butcher chased close behind. His mouth opened in silent wonder as he saw a cloud take the shape of a dragon breathing fire.

Closing his eyes gently, he imagined a real dragon flying through the sky, breathing fire and causing gusts of wind to spread in every direction with each of its mighty wings. Watching as the dragon grew closer and closer, he could see the creatures legs outstretch like landing gear on a plane and touch the street. Sprawling out on the ground, a man with a scarf covering his mouth stepped off of his back. The man beckoned Gabriel to the dragon, saying “Come with me, you have much to learn.”

Gabriel’s eyes opened slowly. Clouds blanketed the darkening sky. Apparently, he had fallen asleep on the sidewalk. Sitting up slowly, he listened to the eerie silence around him. The atmosphere was overwhelming and made him slightly scared. Thoughts of hidden dangers entered his mind and he began to panic. As quick as he could, he raised himself to his feet and started to walk, but quickly his fearful expression turned to wonder as his steps were stopped at the edge of the sidewalk.

His big brown eyes gazed in joy at the asphalt. The black material had all the appearance of water and continued to ripple outward in small, subtle waves made by some unseen force. With the amount of thought children always tend to put into bad ideas, Gabriel jumped off of the curb and into the massive puddle. The ground faded out from underneath him, causing panic to consume him quickly. Screaming loudly, he landed two feet below the surface of the ground. Water-like asphalt blossomed upwards in displacement before falling back to the ground. Gabriel stood at the center of the black flower in confusion, tears welling up beneath his eyes. After mere seconds the asphalt lost its liquidity and returned to its solid form. The intensity of the atmosphere had lessened and for a reason Gabriel was not aware of, he felt safer than ever.

Slowly he climbed out of the stony flowers center and crawled away from the crater he had made. Tears still upon his eyes, he ran home to the caring arms of his mother.


There will be a bit more later, along with a general summary and list of characters.
If you'd like a little bit more information or want to know what happens next, feel free to contact me at and we'll talk it over a bit more.

Provehito in altum



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