Sunday, November 14, 2010

Closing the Distance


I'm back to announce that we have the winner for the Final Stage... and it is Chris Shorten!!!!! Having won he receives all four copies of the Rey Saga series!!!! Also as a przie you guys get a new short story! Enjoy :)

Closing The Distance

I gazed from a distance, looking at a group of my friends. There were two girls and one guy. The boy was on the right side of the brunette-haired girl, with a red-haired girl on the left. I watched as the three of them laughed and carried on a storm of laughter. I looked at the boy and saw every perfection that I had failed to achieve. Great black hair, amazing voice, humble personality, funny, and a little mysterious to boot.

I performed the sin of envy every time I saw him. I stared as the brunette girl draped herself over him, beautiful and talented in all she did. I took a single step forward, and the red-haired girl shushed her, lowering their heads to listen to her whispers. She was a very charismatic and funny individual, who was gifted with her words.

They all excelled at something. They all had memories and stories about their invigorating accomplishments, achievements, and the exotic people they have contact with. Stories I could have no part of. I stepped forward once more to reach out for them, only to meet a clear wall. I realized that I was not like them. I have no talents to speak of. I'm not comical or have a quaint tale to tell. I’m not the sharpest-looking man to say the least, humble, or anything close to prefect for that matter. I have never had a best friend before. I simply watch from a distance, watch as they carry on, having a good time, and smile, happy all the while. I’m happy, not for myself, but that others can still find this elusive happiness. In this world of loneliness, death and prejudice, it’s still possible to enjoy a laugh every now and then.

Just as I prepared to leave, I heard a voice calling me. I look up to see the brunette glance in my angle. I turn around to find them sitting there, the brunette motioning for me to join them. I grin, recognizing that sometimes when you hit a wall, maybe it’s only telling you that you’re going the wrong direction.

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