Saturday, November 6, 2010

Progress Report


So first of all guys I would like to say based off a vote of 131 to 128, Olly has beaten The Twins for first seed in the Second Round! Congrats to Chris for his close finish. It literally came down to the wire, as I nearly had to flip a coin the votes were matching up so evenly. However, despite how obtuse the facebook voters acted, we still managed to obtain a victor! So, tomorrow I will telling our victors about Stage 3: Connecting The Parts.

In other news, I have been thinking recently that we have been sticking to putting life into fiction, hence the name of the site. But life extends much farer then that, as there is many non-ficitional elements to our life. Taking that into account, I will be starting a sort of open discussion about real life topics, where someone will write a passage upon a given topic and you can then have an open discussion about. Anyone can write the opening passage, as this is to help with our non-fiction writing skills. The first topic will be up very soon so come and give us your thoughts.



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