Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Alex here! :D

As anyone in the U.S. knows that today is Thanksgiving, the day of feasting and football. Unfortunately, my stomach is almost about to burst because of it. Oh, but don't mistake that for anything but happiness :)

As a small Thanksgiving present, I thought I might share with you a small poem I wrote a little while ago, followed by some news.


"Prolonged Punishment"

I’m sitting still,

In time and space.

All I can do is wait,

Wait for something uplifting to occur.

I’m never so lucky.

Instead my ignorance shows

Through my bloodied fa├žade.

I’ve lost all inclination,

All hope,

In my desperation,

And I can no longer believe

That this punishment is all

I need in order to live in

This world that makes me so sad,

And to see that girl

Every day,

Who always takes my breath away.


Did you enjoy the poem? Make sure to leave any comments you have.

In the news department, I have some exciting news. There may be a new writer joining Quinton and I on this blog. Once I confirm all the details I'll have the new writer introduce herself. Be sure to keep reading Life In Fiction for any more info on that.

Also, if you haven't noticed, Life In Fiction has had some new aesthetic changes lately, compliments of Quinton. I, personally, love the new template, and I'm sure everyone else does also :)

Another new addition is the Quote of the Day box. Those of you who have been following the Facebook page know about the daily quotes from a variety of different sources. (Literally, the quotes range from Latin philosophy to Sweeney Todd quotes. O.o ) Today's quote is from the piano man himself, Billy Joel, and each day a different quote will be substituted in its place. If anyone has a quote they'd like to see posted, make sure to either e-mail myself, Quinton or post something on the Facebook page.

That's about it for recent news from me. Keep checking back for new material, and remember to always put life into words.
provehito en altum

"launch forth into the deep"


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