Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Addition

Today, I have a special treat for you all, a new writer to the Life In Fiction crew.
Her name is Anora and, like the rest of us, she is an up and coming writer trying to get her start. So, let's welcome her with smiles and sunshine as we take the time to read her first piece she would like me to post.
It is untitled.
The great oak rose into the air. Its bare, knobby branches sprawled out from the trunk. The green leaves had turned to brown and the brown leaves had fallen to the ground. Then those dead, crinkled leaves were caught in the wind and were blown away with the passage of time. Snow fell and the cold bet the tree too hard. The next spring no new leaves came, no buds formed. The tree had died.
Its graceful beauty no longer stood in spring when blooms came, or in summer when birds gathered in its branches. Not even in autumn did this tree shine in one ounce of its former glory. It was bare long before any other tree dared to be. But in winter, when the snow falls gently and rests on the great oak’s branches, when the birds have flown south, when icicles form and hang gently like Christmas ornaments, the tree stands tall and proud and it looks just as magnificent as any other tree.

Did you like it? Feedback is welcome ;)
Well, that's it for today. The next time you see Anora's name, it'll be on her first solo post.

Au revoir!

Provehito in Altum

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