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200th Post


So after a month of waiting, we finally have the blog's 200th post!!!! So as your treat, I will posting the latest of my Dream Chronicle Stories! After this post, the blog has a bunch of material ready you, so come back daily for updates and posts!


The waves splashed in my face, my body was partially submerged in the fresh ocean breeze. The sun’s rays were beaming on my exposed chest. The smell of salt water was deep in my nostrils. Straight over my head was the beautiful blue sky. I floated on the sea, the clouds writing out letters I couldn’t quite comprehend. Before I could make them out, my friend Anna was shaking me awake.

“Wha, WH— I’m awake, I’m awake…” I said still half-asleep.

“Yea right Hun.” Anna said smiling at me, handing me a notebook. “…The notes for today’s class.”

I glanced around, seeing people leaving out of a huge dome-shaped classroom. I was in Auditorium 700 at Georgia State University, which was recently the site of my Global Issues class that just ended. I almost panicked but then looked at the notebook and calmed down. I grabbed it, and Anna let go.

“God I love you so much,” I told her.

“I know,” She said conceitedly, packing her stuff simultaneously.

“Hey Anna…”


“Will you go out with me?” I asked, and she giggled.

“You keep asking me, and I keep telling you no. So why are you asking again?”

“All men are taught something as they get older.”

“What’s that?”

“When you fail, you keep on trying until you succeed.”

“Isn’t that the definition of insanity?”

“Love equals insanity my dear.”

“Oh quit exaggerating…”

“I’m not!”

“Love doesn’t make you insane.”

“You’ve obviously never been in love before.”

Anna just gave me a sly look, completely at a lost for words. I had been asking Anna out for months, only to get the same response every time. She would say “I don’t think we would work out” or “I just don’t see you in that way.” But I couldn’t accept those answers, because they just don’t work for me. Then Anna gave me that signature look she always gives when she asks that question.

“Why do you like me?”

“Do I have to have an answer for you to go out with me?”

“You’re answer might help me make up my mind.” She replied, and I sighed.

“I keep telling you, I don’t know. It’s not that you’re pretty or anything…”

“Oh really?” She asked angrily.

“No- I mean you are pretty—”

“So you just like my looks?”

“Damn it Anna! You’re so frustrating!”

“I thought you loved me?”

She was effectively getting under my skin with her mind games. I wasn’t willing to give up on her though, no matter how difficult this was. I geared up for round two, but at the top of the steps I saw a man in a blue dress shirt, orange tie, and slacks staring at us. My gaze hardened and Anna took notice. She turned to look at the man, but I grabbed her wrist and dragged her along to the emergency exit. The man in the suit didn’t give chase, and I immediately knew something was up.

“What’s going on? Where are you taking me?”

“No time Anna.”

“Who was that guy?”

“NO TIME Anna.”

“Well then make time,” She said, stopping after the fourth flight of stairs. “Let me into the mind of yours.”

I took a moment to gather my thoughts.

“If I let you in, you will either never get out, or never want to see me again….”

“What could you have done that was so terrible?”

I look off to the side, but the sounds of footsteps start to resonate in my eardrums, and I know it’s time to move. I reach out for Anna, but my wrist is intercepted by a Ginger man in the same suit as the guy before. I tried to struggle my way out, but the guy swung me by my wrist, flinging me down the stairs, crashing to the bottom floor three flights down onto a few unlucky people. I awoke around five minutes later, my body sore. The people I fell on must had already left, having propped me up against the wall. I felt sick, but I instantly remembered Anna. I jumped up and let my instincts take my feet to where I needed to go.

“If I know Rio at all…” I thought, “… He’ll be at the Rialto… right… now.”

I skid across the pavement to see the guy from earlier shoving Anna into the front doors.

“Anna!” I screamed.

Paul Giamatti then stepped out the car, wearing a red leather jacket and brown slacks. He was wearing what looked like Italian shoes from a distance. He pulled a .75 caliber pistol on me.

“Dude… those are so old…”

“Yea but I bet it’d still kill you if I hit you with it. Now where is my money?” He retorted.

“Why the fuck can’t you let it go!” I hollered back.

“What the hell is going on?” Anna cried, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Go ahead Buddy. Tell her what’s going on.”

I hesitated for a moment, unsure what I wanted to say. I looked at Anna, and knew I had to buy myself some time.

“Anna… I’m… not who you think I am.” Things got real silent.

“So who are you then?”

“I’m really… a stuntman… A stuntman paid to be framed for robberies, and I’m bailed out by higher-ups and the bribed cops erase the charges from my file.”

“…You’re a criminal?”

“I was a criminal! Past tense! I quit after a scam to steal a million dollars was laid out, I was meant to take the fall for Paul’s brother. But I skipped out last second, taking the money with me. Its how I can afford school…”

Anna couldn’t look me in the eye. I had been waiting years to finally have the guilt off my shoulders, only to have it intensify ten-fold. I squeeze my fist some hard I start to draw. Paul’s men then drag us both inside the Rialto. Paul sits me down at a table in the middle of the Rialto, while having Anna sit elsewhere. My hands are now soaked in blood. Paul’s men have guns pressed into my back, and Paul is digging into a freshly cooked steak.

“So,” Paul said with his mouth full, “What did you do with the money?”

“It’s gone. I spent it all on my college funds.” I said, Paul’s eyes obviously not believing me.

“You spent a million dollars in college? Yea right brody, you could live off that for the rest of your life if you truly desired.”

“I don’t have any money Paul.”

“Very well then; Nick, kill the girl.”

One of the guys pulled his gun off my back, sticking it in the direction of the Anna. I had to move quickly, so I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Have you ever been in love Paul?!” I said loudly, distracting the guard. Paul had him lower his weapon, feeling confused. Paul leaded in closer, elbows on the table.

“What did you say?”

“Have you ever been… in love?”

“Damn you must be desperate.”

“Have you?”

“… What’s it to you?”

“Look at that girl over there.”

Paul momentarily took his eyes off of me, directing them towards Anna.

“What about her?”

“She look like anyone you know?”

Paul hesitated, then swung around once more, apparently having a epiphany.

“She can’t be…”

“She is Paul. Her name is Anna Giamatti, she’s you’re brother’s daughter.”

Paul eyes dropped, waving off his guards. I could feel the gun in my back come off me. A female singer stepped up on the stage, and began to sing “Tell Me Lies” from the movie Cats Don’t Dance.

“So the money?”

“I was originally assigned to watch over her. It was going to be my relief mission. The money was to be used to pay for college and help out her out of bind if she ever ran into it.”

“Is that why you fell in love with her? As part of the job?”

“… No. I took the mission because I was in love with her.”

“Yet she doesn’t love you back.”

“Love isn’t always as great as advertised. Sure, when they love you back, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. But when the feeling isn’t mutual, it’s the second worst thing in the world.”

“What’s the worst?” Paul asked.

“Losing your loved ones altogether. Not having that touch you love, to see those eyes that drain you of all despair, to share a laugh that only they can dig out of you… I know you are angry about what your brother did, but do you really have it in you to sabotage the last piece that he has left in this world?”

Paul stayed still for another moment. He raised his head as the song was coming to its end. Paul began to sing along side the lyrics as he stared at Anna.

“…I’ve got… to believe… in his dreams…”

The song concluded, and a huge round of applause followed suit. Paul stood up, throwing a wad of cash on the table. I reached out for it tentatively, and stuffed it in my pocket. Paul gave me a powerful nod, and I returned it with an understanding one. Paul waved his men off, and they all left the building. I run over to Anna, where she sat talking to some of her girlfriends telling them what happened. When they saw me coming they tried to drag her off, but Anna broke free and met me halfway.

“I know things seem bad Anna but you got to believe me I didn’t…” I started but she placed her index finger on my lips, quieting me.

“I’m leaving hun. This life is too wild.”

“L-leaving?” I shuddered. “I see… so this is goodb—”

“I’m only going to be gone for a week. I need to go get to know my famous uncle I never knew I had.” She said with a wink.

I had a stupid look on my face for a minute. After a few minutes, I attempted to play it off, and failed miserably.

“I see. Well I am looking forward to when you get back.” I replied coolly. Anna laughed and began to walk off. “Wait! I also want to tell you something.”

“Yes?” she asked, half-turned.

“I love you.”

This caused her to turn all the way around, and walk up to me until she was right on me.

“Why do you like me?” She asked, and I smiled, finally knowing the answer.

“When I look in your eyes, I find myself floating on the ocean waves, staring up at the sky, and the sun’s rays beaming down on me. It reminds me of my home where I grew up, of a place that I can only dream of. That’s what you are to me, the dream that I never have to wake up from.”

Anna stared me at me, smiling, and locked her fingers in-between mine. I smiled back, and kissed her on the cheek.

“You know, it’s my family’s rule that I have to take my boyfriend to go see them.”

I took out the wad of cash Paul gave me and flashed it in her face.

“Don’t worry; I have plenty to pay round-trip.” I smirked.

Anna smiled back at me, and we walked outside underneath the November sky. Next thing I know, I find myself floating on the ocean waves under a cloudy, blue sky. The water around me dyed red with my own blood, and on shore was Paul aiming a rifle at me, Anna screaming but I couldn’t make out the words. As Paul pulled the trigger, all I could think was how my perfect dream, could end up being my worst nightmare.

How'd you like it? This one was different then the others because only one of my friends showed up in this one, and I'm not even sure that I was in this one. I couldn't tell if the main guy was me and some other guy.  REgardless, I hope you like it, and check back often, because we will be posting daily to make up for a lack of post last month!


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