Monday, October 10, 2011

Wow it feels like ages

Hey all, Joseph here, live from Ohio... Or semi Live. Ha! I wrote some stuff during our little hiatus. So I hope you enjoy it.

Last month I saw a man that Inspired me, turn his back on faith, it was a shocking moment for me, to realize that although someone seems faithful and brilliant, that they are humans too, and that they can lose it all too fast.
I asked myself "Could that happen to me?" It disturbed me greatly, and out came this poem... please enjoy it.
This one is called "I'll see you at the fall.

And in the end, with no noise
I'll see no silhouettes, I'll hear no voice.
Your beating heart, I can feel it
pounding against my chest, as we lay in this pit

a pit we dug, the one we made as a trap
to catch the broken hearts, when they snap..
And here at the end, we fell in
you and I, right back where we began

Now heroes fall, and Legends will die
our life will flash, as we lay here and cry
And I say curse you, my heart, for deceiving
I say curse me, for not believing

And I'll see you at the fall
man and mystery, we had it all
then again, where we stand
is not far from where we'd been... Before...

As the skies burn, and the twilight takes its place
I will rise up, and towards the new sun, i will face
And I'll struggle, to believe what I see
I will fall down, and forsake what once was me.

Imperfect, battered, shaking on my knees..
You show me, all these people, i wonder, "Could that happen to me?"
They lay there, ignorant to what they see.
The power, and glory... in front of me...


-Love and Blessings

Joseph W.

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