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Dream Chronicles Story 6: The Promised Takeover


So I would like to say happy birthday to fellow blogger Joseph, whose birthday was today! In celebration to his invalubale contribution to this blog, I would like to post story six of my Dream Chronicle series. Enjoy! :D


Dream Chronicles Story 6: Sonic Takeover
“Gotta move, gotta move, gotta MOVE!”
I was running through the Georgia State University courtyard, packets of cocaine in my pocket. Rain was striking my exposed face and I was covered in my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog jacket, blue jeans, a blue t-shirt under the jacket, and Jordans. I shoved over multiple people in an attempt to get to my dorm room, slipping and falling on my butt multiple times before I made it to lobby of the Freshmen Hall. I flashed my ID to the receptionist, barely making it into the elevator. When I reached the fourth floor, I turned the corner and quickly opened the door. To my surprise, Tyler, Danny, Sharon, Chris, Stevie, Stephen, and Reegan were all sitting around my dorm room.
“What is this? Is it party in Quinton’s room today?” I said.
“Damn straight.” Sharon said, while everyone else’s eyes were focused on the TV.
“What’s wrong?” Stevie said the only one who noticed I was in distress.
“Well…” I stuttered, “We might have an issue.”
“Did that chick turn you down?” Tyler said, focused on Breakin’ Bad.
“Aw I’m so sorry sweetheart.” Reegan said attempting to comfort me.
“What? No! I don’t care about that!”
“Hey the best way to get over it is too talk about it.”Chris cut me off.
I pushed my way through them all, throwing about six packets of white powder on the table. They all jumped up, not believing their eyes. Tyler walked over, picking up a packet to see if it was authentic.
“How much is it?” Tyler asked.
“What hell does it matter?! It’s fucking crack! Why do you have it?” Reegan blurted.
“… About 10 pounds. It’s not what you think, this is Damien’s. He was framed and he needed to get the evidence out of there. Something going on here you guys, but first we need to get out of here.” I started to move, but the sound of barking stopped me.
“Wait… were you being followed?” Danny asked.
We all looked at each other for five minutes, and instantly Tyler and I rushed to bar the door. We made it just as the two giant Dobermans attempted to break into the room, and we pushed the door back so they couldn’t get in. The girls screamed; Stephen started to freak out.
“Go through my suitemate’s room! MOVE!” I demanded
One by one we filed out of the room and sprinted for the stairs, the dogs right on our tails. We ran until we made it into the lobby, sounding the fire alarm by opening the 1st floor door. We bolted for the exit, when Danny tripped and the dogs grabbed his legs. All I could here was the sound of Danny’s scream as we moved at full speed trying to get away. After we move it outside and into the parking lot, we stopped to catch our breath, and Chris and Tyler got into a scuffle.
“What hell dude!” Chris said, throwing punches, “Why would you trip him?!”
“I didn’t do shit!” Tyler defended himself.
“Stop it you’re acting like children!” Reegan said attempting to break them up. “Well you two hell me?”
Stephen and I ran over and broke them up. After a minute of sulking, Sharon started looking around frantically.
“What are you looking for love?” I said flirtingly, but Sharon shrugged it off.
“Where’s Stevie?” She asked, and we looked around noticing she wasn’t with us.
“The hell…” I said.
“She was right in front of us!” Chris exclaimed.
“Help me!”
We could hear someone screaming off in the background, heading towards the Georgia State Recreation Center. Stephen, Tyler, and I all ran off.
“Chris you stay here and protect the girls!” I roared, as we bolted towards the voice.
As we approached the recreation center, we saw Stevie being pulled into the student center across the street from us by two black Dobermans.
“STEVIE!” We all screamed simultaneously.
We dashed through the street, cars forced to slam on their brakes. Horns honking at us, the police called out to us asking us to halt, but we darted straight into the pitch black student center. We crept around the corner, stopping on the ramp so the cops could past by.
“Something’s not right…” Tyler said.
“What do you mean?” Stephen asked.
“Why would the police stick dogs on you when they could come after you themselves?”
“They wanted to get the drugs.” I replied softly.
“Sure, but didn’t the dogs seem like they were avoiding the police a little?”
“I was too busy running for my life honestly.” I replied harshly.
“You said so yourself, it just seems like something bigger is—Gahh!!”
I looked over to see a pair of huge white teeth digging into Tyler’s shoulder, and a pair of demonic red eyes staring at me. Stephen and I ran into the ballroom, where we found a huge hole in the ground with a giant root coming out of it.
“This is new.” I said aloud.
“I don’t remember paying for giant tree seeds…” Stephen said analyzing the root.
I ducked as two Doberman flew straight at me, crashing into Stephen and knocking him to his death. I cursed at myself as I watch him fall, but quickly recollect my thoughts.
“Got to find Stevie…”
I dedicated myself to my new mission, and maneuvered around the giant hole until I could climb onto the root. I followed the root to its source, a huge tree that was somehow invisible to the general public of Atlanta. I climbed my way to the top of the tree, and in the center there was what looked like a giant stage. Surrounded by millions of people stood an elderly looking gentleman, who had a wooden Bo staff in his hand was delivering a speech to the masses before him.
“… and they said we could never rise up again! But thanks to years of hiding and after my genius of planting my seeds in cocaine so that it could be transported over to the US was genius! Cocaine wouldn’t be regulated by the government, so they wouldn’t check to see if my micro-seeds were laced in with the drug! Now we are here and Yggdrasil will take us to Valhalla!”
The people before him roared in celebration, and I could hear the sound of someone crying in the background. I advanced cautiously towards the sound, where I saw that Stevie was tied down behind the monitor behind the elderly man. I quickly rushed to set her free, and she embraced me in a tight hug once I untied her.
“I’m glad to see you too, but we have to go!” I said.
“They are planning to take over the world!” Stevie said through tears.
“I know!”
“They killed Danny…”
“Stephen and Tyler as well…”
“What!” Stevie yelled, and I instantly covered her mouth.
“Quiet! They might find us. Now come on we have to get the police.”
We quietly went around the back of the monitor out of view, and I saw that they had an entire network of tunnels and areas in the tree.
“What the hell?”
“This is their home Quinton. They have multiple networks using the floor plan for General Classrooms and the Student Center.”
“So all the stuff that was in those places will be here?”
“Yea… Why?”
I heard the people scream in rage.
“They’ve escaped! After them!”
I quickly dragged Stevie along and placed her on a one of two conveniently placed bikes. She looked at me with a scared look.
“Go to the bottom and get help! Chris must have called the police and they will notice this tree eventually. Get them to send a helicopter up here!”
“What? Why? What are you going to do?”
“…I got a plan.”
I took my favorite necklace off and placed it around her neck.
“Now go!”
She rode off, and I dug up the other bike just as the old man came out.
“Stop you freak!” He said.
He then shifted into a wolf-human hybrid and chased after me. I rode the bike at full speed, ridding through twigs and roots. Methanol…Methanol… I thought to myself, looking for all traces of methanol. I came across a whole storage of methanol, and knocked it over as I rode by. The smell messed with the man’s senses, slowing him down. Hexane, Hexane… I rode around until I found hexane, doing the same thing I did with methanol. Hydrogen…Hydrogen… I thought, thinking where I could find pure hydrogen. The wolf-man had caught up to me though, slicing my bike tire from under me. I lost control and fell down a hole, landing on a steel landing. I winced, rolling around in pain from the long fall. I opened my eyes to read a pipe right next to me.
Cautious: Contains hydrogen and carbon disulfide. Don’t break around…
I didn’t take the time to read the rest, but I took what remained of the bike and broke the pipe in two, spilling the contains out into the whole tree. I looked around, and found a whole supply of oil sitting around. I run over to them, the wolf-man jumping in my path.
“End of the line punk.” He said.
“End of your balls maybe.”
I took a cheap shot at his sack, bringing forth the desired effect. I swerved around him, grabbing all the oil cartons that I could handle, and booked it out of there. I ran around the tree, throwing the cartons in random places that I hadn’t already spilled chemicals.
“I know what you’re doing!” He said, “You’re trying to kill the tree by infecting it with poisonous chemicals.”
I kept running, taking random turns to keep him from catching up. I eventually grabbed matches off a table I found on my zip-line through the tree.
“It won’t work!” He exclaimed, “Because Yggdrasil can’t be poisoned! You’re wasting your time young one. I am King Odin himself, enforcer of life…”
The wolf-man crashed down in front of me, tossing me to the side of the tree. He took his Bo Staff, transforming it into a spear. He jumped up to where he had thrown me, and stabbed it into my shoulder.
“… And you have been found guilty of capital punishment.”
“Shut the fuck up.” I said, coughing up blood, throwing the last of the oil all over him.
He screamed in torment, and I dragged myself to the very edge of the root. I looked down, seeing a helicopter circling the around below. I forced myself over, and stared at Odin. His eyes were red and burning from oil.
“You know, I wasn’t attempting to poison your stupid tree.”I said.
“Too bad, whatever your plan, you are still falling to your death.”
Odin shoved me over the edge, and I took a freefall for about five minutes. Next thing I knew, I was lying in the laps of Stevie and Sharon, Chris and Reegan were also huddled around me. I was coughing up blood, and I nodded towards the pilot to fly up towards Odin. We stopped about 12 feet away from him.
“So you survived now! So what? Yggdrasil is invincible! No one else will ever make back inside this tree!” He yelled triumphantly.
“Pop Quiz for you Odin.” Stevie said with a smirk.
“What does Oil…” Chris started.
“Carbon disulfide…” Sharon continued.
“Methanol…” Reegan keep the sequence alive.
“Hydrogen and Hexane all have in common?” Stevie finished.
Stevie pulled out a lighter, Chris took out a grenade, Sharon took out a flare, Reegan took out another lighter, and I took out the matches I found. I lit one, and Chris took out the pin in the grenade.
“…They’re all flammable.” I said, and we threw our respective items overheard into the tree, causing a massive chain explosion. We stared as the tree burned in flames, and flew off towards the middle of Atlanta.

Happy Birthday Joseph, and continue to Always Put Life Into Words.

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