Thursday, October 13, 2011

Several Poems. Same Girl.

        Over these past few weeks I've been settling into my nice, comfy dorm room at The Ohio State University. Columbus is definitely different than my old residence, but for the better. At least, I think so. While most of my attention is being focused on school work, studying, athletic band, and continuing the first draft of my novel-in-progress, definitely expect to see at least one piece of work weekly from me for a while.
        While at OSU, I've met quite a few new, interesting people here. These next few poems are derived from the mixed inspiration coming from two girls I met on the first day.

       "Silent Eyes"

Give way to stark emotions,
     your emotions are too cool to hold back.
See the eyes glaring from the darkness;
     they see all that you want the most.
Someone to match your coolness,
     something tho love your silent soul.
Simply believe
     that I can be solely myself.
All will be better
     when your confidence
          creates my smile.

"The Sun"

Shoot me a glance
or a smile,
    so sweet.
The sun
is brightest
    in your felicity's wake.

     "Shooting Stars"

A thought becomes a wish
    as I ponder so heavily
Clouds, dark and gray,
    surround those that are
         light and pure.
Clarity seeps into my sleepy eyes as I wonder
         how to make my wish come true.
Learning is for those who
    wish to accept "the truth,"
         but my lies seem more valid.
Each thought,
                    each wish,
                                   is my reality,
                                                     my star-crossed fatality.


Voices echo through the darkness.
Words drop like flies.
People run about with madness.
They sprint to lies.

Provehito in altum et carpe diem

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