Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Discussion: Line-Up for Teen Titans Movie


Alrighty guys, so Ania won't be posting today, so in her stead, I shall be opening a new discussion!

Now for those of you who don't know, I am a huge comic book fan. I love comics, especially DC Comics Robin, Batman, and the Teen Titans. So when I found out that Mark Verheiden were making a Teen Titans live action movie, I literally ran around my dorm in excitement. The Teen Titans house some of the all-time greats on their teams with a load of potential characters to use. Which brings me to the topic for today: What line-up should they use for the movie?

Would this be the ideal line-up for Mark's new Movie?

For those of you who don't know who the Teen Titans are, they are a team of superheroes from the DC Universe, formed mostly of teenage or younger then 21 members. Most of it's members are sidekicks to more famous superheroes( Robin, Aqualad), others are stand alone heroes of their own right(Starfire, Cyborg), or were even members of other teams(Beast Boy was a member of the Doom Patrol prior to the Teen Titans). Many people don't realize that the Teen Titans from the TV Show weren't the original members. In fact, the TV show does what I think is a horrible representation of the comic itself. With that said, it has brought Teen Titans to life and given a them a huge following. But if you ask me, I don't feel that the show's line-up would be the best. Mostly because I don't think that that version of Robin would be the best to use.

I personally think that the line-up they should use is: Tim Drake Robin, Superboy, Impulse(Kid Flash), Wonder Girl, Static, and Ravager. Now while this team was never all together at the same time, it's pretty close to an canon group. (Robin was the only member who wasn't currently there, and there were actually many other members.) Many think the best course of action may very well be to go with thee Teen Titans that those outside the comic book world would recognize. I say this group would work best for the following reasons:

Tim Drake may very well go down in history as the greatest Robin of All time

If you ask the comic world, many would argue that Tim Drake was the best Robin ever(Yes there are multiple Robins). I would be one of those people. While I loved watching Dick Grayson grew from the little boy acrobat learning the ropes, to the man who took over the mantle of Batman in Bruce Wayne's leave, Tim Drake was a deeper character and instilled the same emotion his mentor did. Sides, he's Robin and every knows one of these variations anyway.

Connor Kent, also known as Superboy, is a clone of the Almighty Superman and Lex Luthor, who was first introduced into the world of Young Justice. Harboring an unparallel story of having to deal with a world when you are just the shadow of the greatest hero in history, the same hero who barely acknowledges your existence. Superboy hasn't had much screen time until the recent Young Justice TV Show aired on Cartoon Network, but would be an great addition regardless.

Impulse would be a great balancing point for the more serious nature of both Tim and Connor, as he would provide the much needed Comic-relief to the series. Think of him as Human Torch of the team in terms of personality, except way more challenging. However, Impulse greatest drama is the fact that he repeatedly is fighting for the respect of his mentor Wally West, or the third Flash, who has publicly stated that he doesn't believe his student has what it takes to amount to anything. Impulse may very well be the most powerful and brilliant Flash ever as well, so the story of how he chooses to use his skills could play in very well into the story.

Wonder Girl is a character I actually know very little about, mainly because I rarely read Wonder Woman comics. What I can tell you is that she brings her own issues and provides the powerful woman's touch that is never bad to have. Not to mention she would make great eye-candy to counter the Black Widow if nothing else. (She would be in her twenties if this was canon so stop freaking out).

Next would be my favorite superhero ever, Static Shock. Now I will admit this would fulfill be more to feed the fanboy in me, but it would make sense as well. It would add diveristy to the group, give someone from the poor projects of dakota, and add a Superhero who is super smart in his own right. Add the fact that he is extremely popular amongst the public, and many of the comic book world have been calling for him to get more attention, it would be a fantastic idea that would be a smart decision for Mark.

Lastly is a comic exclusive character Ravager. Ravager, or Rose Wilson, is the daughter of Deathstroke(Slade for tv show viewers) who is a deadly assassasin with limited precognitive powers, that is probably twice as strong as Robin. Honestly, she could probably fight on equal ground with Batman himself. Viewed as a killer amongst her peers, despite wanting nothing but to protect them from any harm.

Well this is my position on this issue, but what do you think? Do you think they should go safe with the more known line-up? Or should they mix it up? Give us your thoughts! This discussion will be open on facebook as well so don't be afraid to jump in!



Anonymous said...

Static Shock honestly deserves his own movie rather than a small part in a large Teen Titans cinematic debut.

Anora Anakaya said...

I second that! Maybe Static Shock should start out on his own and then be integrated into the Teen Titans?