Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Are You?


So Anora will be on break for a bit, so either I or one of the other bloggers will be posting on her days. So, as you can see, the blog has recieved a huge overhaul. This is one of many changes that the blog will be experiencing. We shall soon be getting the Life In Fiction Youtube page underway, where every now and then I shall be posting videos of reviews on books, movies, and evern some comics! :D

On a more serious note, I am currently diving deeper into my identity everyday, searching for the me I lost ages ago, hoping that he's still alive deep down inside. Want this means for you is that you will get another series of writing from me. Some of them will also be part of other pieces, e.g. Dream Chronicles, Chapters from any of my three novels, or just poems. You will also see work dedicated to the series alone. As of right now, there isn't a name for the series, but as the series goes along it will gain one. At the moment, I will simply refer to this as Project Searchman. (Megaman pun) Now, here is the first story of the series, which is from a book that some of you may recognize. Enjoy!

Unhealthy Happiness

I walked over to the balcony, pushing my hair back in the cold November breeze. The stars danced in the midnight sky, and random clouds were scattered across the sky. I paced around the wide balcony outside the third floor of the Gwinnett Center. Dressed in an all-black tuxedo and a red tie, I was sweating profoundly despite being below freezing outside. After a few moments, I leaned on the railing, staring at beautiful stars gazing down upon me. I closed my dark-brown eyes.

“At least you guys find me good enough to stick around.” I said to the distance suns.

“That’s cause you can’t run from them.” An adolescent female said.

I opened my eyes, and flipped around to find a dark-skinned girl in a zebra after-five dress, and 5-inch heels. I averted my gaze from hers which I could feel shooting a mix of emotions at me, predominantly concern.

“You okay?” she asked me.

“You want me to lie to you?” I replied harshly.

“No need to be a jerk.”

“Well you asked me a stupid question Christina.”

“Excuse me for caring for you. Some people are just crazy enough to flip over an entire chocolate fountain on two people, but I thought you didn’t fall under that category. Not to mention it’s a little sketch when someone does it to their girlfriend.”

“She wasn’t my girlfriend Christina.”

“Well she obviously likes you.”

“Oh I’m sorry; I didn’t realize you swap spit with a guy you just met when you obviously like another guy.” I leaned back against the balcony, and stared up at the sky as Christina gave me a baffled look.

“She did what?!??! That fucking slut!!! Hell no I’m going to—”

“…do absolutely nothing.” I said eyes closed again.

“You can’t be serious? Why not?”

“Well, excluding the fact that I have already sprayed her down in chocolate, it was my fault that Liana went for him in the first place.”

“What hell what you think that?”

“If I was better…”

“Oh don’t start with that nonsense, she fucked you over because…”

“The spark that guy gave her in five minutes was obviously greater then what I gave her all this time anyway.”


“It’s the story of my life Christina. You see these lights the sky?” I said pointing upwards, “These lights are kinda like me. They don’t care how far I go, they will still be there. They don’t care who I am, they will shine for regardless. They don’t care if I disappear for a years on end, they will be right there when I get back. Waiting. Just there to be used when need be…”

“Any girl would love to have you…”

“But every girl would love to have better then me.”

“Sweetie I know that you are having a hard time believing me, but any girl would love to have you; you’re sensitive, sweet, funny, and a great listener.”

“Thing is all it takes is one good looking guy to come along and all that would be negated.”

“You’re good-looking too sweetheart.”

“If that was true you would have mention it first, Christina.”

“That’s not all girls care about…”

“Oh no, it’s not even close. Girls see beyond that, and that’s how I know I’m doomed. If a guy doesn’t see your value, it’s because they aren’t looking for it. If a girl doesn’t see value, it’s because it’s not there…”

“Sweetie,” Christina said, placing her hand on my cheek,“Despite what girls try to say, we’re always right. Otherwise we would never let a guy like you go.”

“That’s funny… that’s exactly what Liana told me.”

Christina dropped her head, and I began to walk away. Before I made it through the door, Christina turned towards me.

“Any girl would love to be with you Rey!” she screamed, causing me to stop. I tilted my head towards her with fully turning around.

“Would you?” I asked.

She gave me a shocked look, and then dodged my direct gaze. She crossed her arms, and I walked over and gave her my tux jacket.

“She gave me that same reaction when I first asked her out, after saying the same thing you just said.” I said, covering her shoulders.

“I know you feel like things are hopeless right now but you can’t give up on love.”
"Too bad love has given up on me..."
"It obviously isn't love if she is with another guy."
"Not quite. All it means is that I'm not the right pick for her. The world tells you how great it is to be in love with someone, what they don't tell you is how much it hurts when they don't love you back."

Christina just looked at me, and I turn to leave for the door, mumbling to myself.

“Worst thing is, I'm still genuinely happy for her.”


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