Monday, October 17, 2011

Good ole days

Sooo i wrote some lyrics called Midnight Memories.


We're looking straight down
from the water tower
above the grove
where the sweetest flowers

And we'll lay down
in the middle of the field
where the sun always shows
and at night we'll watch in awe
as the fireflies start to glow

And we're, out past midnight
in this old country town
we were up to no good I'm sure
cause those nights are a blur

(post chorus)
And we'll talk all night
under the soft moonlight
sing our songs of love
as we gaze at the stars above

And here we are again
Looking straight down
above this old town
watching people come and go

And here we stay
as the faces fade away
you and I alone
our memories, set in stone

Lets burn down, this old town,
grab our coats, lets go,
they won't hear a sound.


Lemme know what you think!

-Joseph W.


Anora Anakaya said...

All it needs is some music and it's perfect :)

Joseph W. said...

Trying to convince logan ;)